06 Aug

vTools.Events v6.11 has been released – 30 Jul 2020

On  30 July 2020 Events version 6.11 was released.

Events version 6.11 includes the following enhancements:

                 One event – multiple HOSTs – one report

    • A single event supported by multiple OUs (organizational units)
      • Administration by all current officers for each OU assigned to event
      • A single report for event supported by multiple OUs
      • One registration list
      • Promote event by sending one eNotice to all members of OUs
      • Feeds to each OUs’ website / calendar
      • NOTE: If payments are enabled, funds will be deposited to the Primary OU
    • Reporting
      • Pre-populate member/non-member numbers based on registrations
    • Virtual / web conference information
      • Publicize web conference information in LOCATION – ‘Virtual Info
        • Webex URLs will be obfuscated for anonymous users to protect against fraudulent usage, available upon ReCAPTCHA authorization
        • When using free accounts (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet), please be aware of any maximum numbers of attendees, and any recording must include privacy consideration.
        • NOTE :  Virtual info is required if Physical Location is not included
      • eNotice messages include web conference information or link to event pubic view  in the case of WebEx
    • Registration – When guest registrations are submitted, a copy will be sent to the signed in user submitting the guest registration
    • Support of Pre-U STEM Programs and reporting
      • STEM Programs :
        • Camp
        • Career Day
        • Competition/STEM Fairs
        • Girls in STEM
        • Industry/Company Tour
        • Mentoring
        • Parent Program
        • Student Workshop
        • Teacher Workshop
      • Reporting for a Pre-U STEM event includes a new STEM report
      • Search for detailed Pre-U STEM report details on Advanced Search option
      • Pre-U STEM events feed to TryEngineering website
    • Advanced Search provides option to include only reported events
06 Aug

IEEE Upgrade 8 August 2020

IEEE Upgrade 8 August 2020

On, 08 August 2020, IEEE is upgrading a number of Web sites and systems to bring you enhanced capabilities and an improved experience.

Starting Saturday, 08 August from 06:00 AM EDT (10:00 UTC-04) to Saturday, 08 August 4:00 p.m. EDT (20:00 UTC-4), the following functions will not be available: IEEE Shop, join and renew IEEE and IEEE societies, article purchasing on IEEE Xplore and some vTools applications. If you need assistance during this time, please direct your inquiry to the IEEE Support Center

Please note that due to this upgrade parts of the vTools will be inaccessible between Saturday 08 August, starting at 6:00 p.m.(10:00 UTC-4) through 3:00 p.m. (19:00 UTC-4):

– there will be no ability to validate member numbers for discounted price levels during registration

– There will be no ability to select target organizations
– There will be no ability to send express eNotices
– Create, updated and save eNotice will be available

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing sites
– “Officers” and “Other units” pages will not show any officer or unit data

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing ballots
– Voters should still be able to vote in open elections

vTools.OfficerReporting will not be available

WebEx will not be impacted

-There will be no ability to create new or modify existing annual plans
-Volunteers can view and download submitted plans

vTools.Xtreme Registration
-There will be no ability to create new or modify existing team registrations
-There will be no ability to create new or modify existing proctor registrations
-There will be no ability to confirm/decline team registration

ReviewRoom will not be impacted

If you have any questions, please contact the vTools team at vtools@ieee.org

01 Jun

vTools.Xtreme v3.6 release – 30 April 2020

vTools.Xtreme version 3.6 was released on 30 April 2020

Xtreme Registration v3.6 provides the following enhancements:

  • Home page includes “Proctor Registration” icon
  • Proctor registration allows up to four(4) schools to be selected
  • Selection of Schools includes province/state and country information
  • Administrative page provides easier search options by member number/name for proctor information


  • IEEE mobile app is included in footer
01 Jun

vTools.eNotice v2.1.0 release – 30 April 2020

vTools.eNotice version 2.1.0 was released on 30 April 2020

eNotice v2.1.0 introduces the following enhancements:

Automate the scheduling of reminder eNotices

  • eNotices with reminders are eligible for express delivery
  • Reminders are scheduled for a future delivery date
  • Reminder eNotice includes a link to the original eNotice
  • The listing of eNotices provides a link to the reminder ‘Manage’ page
  • This enhancement removes the dependency on MGA IM staff to schedule the reminders


  • IEEE mobile app is included in footer
13 Nov

vTools Voting v2.3.0 has been released – 30 Oct 2019

vTools.Voting version 2.3.0 has been released – 30 Oct 2019

The following enhancements are available:

  • Ballots –  When a member signs in to Voting, the home page will provide links to all active, open elections they have an online ballot for.  Once a member has voted, the home page will indicate the member has voted for each open election.
  • Write in option – Volunteers can create an online ballot where write-in is the only choice for positions when there are no candidates listed on the ballot.   The write-in option  must be explicitly selected since this option is not required in order to activate a ballot.  Once a ballot is activated, the write-in option will be available for entry of a candidate when members  vote.
  • Contact Staff form updated to correctly include the Voting URL.
  • Voter list validation was updated to ensure only member numbers are present in the voter list uploaded to a ballot.
05 Nov

Events v6.10 release – 13 November 2019

vTools Events v6.10   has been released on 13 Nov 2019

  • Enhanced OU selector – when creating/editing an event, HOST will show all organizational units based on the authorized user’s org roles by default.
    • Note: selection using a  list of all geographical organizational units will continue to be available in the ‘Browse‘ tab.
  • Enhanced Search  – a simplified search page includes the following new features
    • Organizational unit (OU)/HOST name in ‘Search Term’ option (i.e. ‘Boston Section’).
      • Results will include all events for the OU as well as the affiliated OUs (i.e. chapter/affinity group)
    • Society (i.e. “C016”) in ‘Organizational Unit ‘ option. Results will include all events for the society based on geographic OU.
    • New notations / icons are displayed in the results:
      • Registration – if registration is available.   Tool tip includes registration information (i.e. open dates, coming soon, external registration link)
      • Cancelled – for events that have been cancelled
      • Maximum registration – when an event’s registration has reached the maximum registrations
    • Register – if an event includes the registration icon, the user can simply click on the icon on the Search page to start the registration process
    • Date range –  three options are available: “Upcoming” (default), “Recent” and “All”
    • Results shown are increased to 50 per page
    • NOTE: search results are limited to three (3) years
    • NOTE: The old version of Search will continue to be available via link
  • New event category/ sub-category –  Humanitarian and sub-category of SIGHT or OTHER is available to assign to events.  
  • Email an event contact – emails sent using this link include the title and the hosting organization as part of the “Subject”.
  • Payment status information in registration download is now broken out into separate columns
  • Improved in system response time for region level volunteers