07 Jan



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Owner: mgargiula

Version: 1.0

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13 Nov

vTools Voting v2.3.0 has been released – 30 Oct 2019

vTools.Voting version 2.3.0 has been released – 30 Oct 2019

The following enhancements are available:

  • Ballots –  When a member signs in to Voting, the home page will provide links to all active, open elections they have an online ballot for.  Once a member has voted, the home page will indicate the member has voted for each open election.
  • Write in option – Volunteers can create an online ballot where write-in is the only choice for positions when there are no candidates listed on the ballot.   The write-in option  must be explicitly selected since this option is not required in order to activate a ballot.  Once a ballot is activated, the write-in option will be available for entry of a candidate when members  vote.
  • Contact Staff form updated to correctly include the Voting URL.
  • Voter list validation was updated to ensure only member numbers are present in the voter list uploaded to a ballot.
05 Nov

Events v6.10 release – 13 November 2019

vTools Events v6.10   has been released on 13 Nov 2019

  • Enhanced OU selector – when creating/editing an event, HOST will show all organizational units based on the authorized user’s org roles by default.
    • Note: selection using a  list of all geographical organizational units will continue to be available in the ‘Browse‘ tab.
  • Enhanced Search  – a simplified search page includes the following new features
    • Organizational unit (OU)/HOST name in ‘Search Term’ option (i.e. ‘Boston Section’).
      • Results will include all events for the OU as well as the affiliated OUs (i.e. chapter/affinity group)
    • Society (i.e. “C016”) in ‘Organizational Unit ‘ option. Results will include all events for the society based on geographic OU.
    • New notations / icons are displayed in the results:
      • Registration – if registration is available.   Tool tip includes registration information (i.e. open dates, coming soon, external registration link)
      • Cancelled – for events that have been cancelled
      • Maximum registration – when an event’s registration has reached the maximum registrations
    • Register – if an event includes the registration icon, the user can simply click on the icon on the Search page to start the registration process
    • Date range –  three options are available: “Upcoming” (default), “Recent” and “All”
    • Results shown are increased to 50 per page
    • NOTE: search results are limited to three (3) years
    • NOTE: The old version of Search will continue to be available via link
  • New event category/ sub-category –  Humanitarian and sub-category of SIGHT or OTHER is available to assign to events.  
  • Email an event contact – emails sent using this link include the title and the hosting organization as part of the “Subject”.
  • Payment status information in registration download is now broken out into separate columns
  • Improved in system response time for region level volunteers


26 Sep

IEEE WebEx Meeting Instructions


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Owner: EWH Administrator

Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 26-09-2019 10:40