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Events now supports – One event – multiple HOSTs – one report

Events now supports   “One event – multiple HOSTs – one report”
This enhance provides:

Support for multiple OUs hosting a single event allows OU volunteers to cross promote their events/meetings utilizing one single event, efficiently manage the registration process for all registrants, reduce the number of notices …

vTools.Events v6.11 has been released – 30 Jul 2020

On  30 July 2020 Events version 6.11 was released.
Events version 6.11 includes the following enhancements:
                 One event – multiple HOSTs – one report

A single event supported by more than one OU (organizational unit)

Administration by all current officers for each OU assigned to …

IEEE Upgrade 8 August 2020

IEEE Upgrade 8 August 2020
On, 08 August 2020, IEEE is upgrading a number of Web sites and systems to bring you enhanced capabilities and an improved experience.
Starting Saturday, 08 August from 06:00 AM EDT (10:00 UTC-04) to Saturday, 08 August 4:00 p.m. EDT (20:00 UTC-4), …

vTools.Xtreme v3.6 release – 30 April 2020

vTools.Xtreme version 3.6 was released on 30 April 2020
Xtreme Registration v3.6 provides the following enhancements:

Home page includes “Proctor Registration” icon
Proctor registration allows up to four(4) schools to be selected
Selection of Schools includes province/state and country information
Administrative page provides easier search options by member number/name for …

vTools.eNotice v2.1.0 release – 30 April 2020

vTools.eNotice version 2.1.0 was released on 30 April 2020
eNotice v2.1.0 introduces the following enhancements:
Automate the scheduling of reminder eNotices

eNotices with reminders are eligible for express delivery
Reminders are scheduled for a future delivery date
Reminder eNotice includes a link to the original eNotice
The listing of eNotices provides …

vTools Production Maintenance – 17 Dec 2019

vTools Production Maintenance – 17 Dec 2019
Please note: on 17 Dec 2019 between 9am and 12Noon Eastern, IEEE is performing  maintenance on vTools production applications.
During this time, vTools users may may experience intermittent interruption. Please plan your work accordingly.
If you have any further questions, please …

vTools Voting v2.3.0 has been released – 30 Oct 2019

vTools.Voting version 2.3.0 has been released – 30 Oct 2019
The following enhancements are available:

Ballots –  When a member signs in to Voting, the home page will provide links to all active, open elections they have an online ballot for.  Once a member has voted, the …

vTools.Events v6.8 release – 11 April 2019

vTools.Events v6.8  was released on  11 April 2019
vTools.Events v6.8 provides the following enhancements:

Add/Edit form – the editor has been enhanced to allow user to re-size the entry / text box.
Registration  – removed ReCaptcha on registration form when user is signed in to vTools.Events