Energised Fashion Runway 2015

National Science Week and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Women in Engineering Affinity Group Victorian bring you Energised Fashion Runway, the first Australian fashion runway featuring wearable technology and e-textiles.

This event was held on 22/8/2015 at the Story Hall in RMIT University city campus in Melbourne.

The designs to showcase at the Fashion Runway were selected from a number of sources
(1) call to the general public for submissions;
(2) through collaborations with Universities on wearable clothing designs; and
(3) selected designs from IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) wearable electronics training workshops

Fashion Hands-On Laboratory:
There wias also be a fashion Hands-On Lab at the runway venue to demonstrate designs from various industry and application sectors which gave an opportunity for the general public to experience the technology.

The wearable technology designs showcased were in a number of domains including fashion, communications, entertainment, medical and healthcare, occupational health and safety. The designs were judged by the organising committee. A total prize money of $500 and certificates were presented to the top three designs.


Click here to see photos of this exciting event.