Micro Nano Fabrication Research Facility Tour

The IEEE WIE Victoria session organized an educational tour through a state-of-the-art Micro Nano Research Facility at RMIT University on Thursday 8th June 2023.

The facility was comprising ~500 sq.m. of cleanrooms for micro/nanofabrication, polymer handling, thin film deposition, nano machining, and metrology. The ability to realize materials and devices is complemented by the Miniaturised Electronics Laboratory. This lab includes a dedicated suite of nano-electronic characterization equipment and is also the lab where novel wearable devices for health monitoring are fabricated. The tour also included the Sleeptite testing laboratory where wearable technologies of mattress sensors for aged care are assembled and tested. Thanks to Prof Madhu Bhaskaran, from RMIT Univerisity who is an expert in the field, for hosting the tour. The tour was concluded with light refreshments.

This unique opportunity to see cutting-edge technology in action and learn from the best in the field was well received by IEEE and non-IEEE attendees.