STEM for Kinder Program

Date and time: 14 Nov, 3-4 pm

IEEE WIE Victorian Section (Australia) organised a special tech event for kindergarten kids to allow them know about wearables, sensors and some technical concepts from early childhood.

Dr Eehui Lim from IEEE WIE VIC Section and 4 educators from Monash Community Family Co-operative teamed up and ran this informative and inspiring event. 30 Kids attended the workshop.

The session ran for about 40 minutes (about 25 minutes of presentation/demonstration followed by 15 minutes of “hands-on” where the kis lined up to have a turn wearing the NFC finger nails. The kids were able to grasp the concept about how you could “wear” a computer, they asked questions like how to power up the clothes which helped me to explain how battery works, they also commented on how dangerous electricity is which helped me to explain about the safety aspect. Dr. Eehui shared the examples on myKi and credit card when explaining about NFC, they were fascinated by that and were imagining that they were touching off and on with the finger nails, we talked about data transfer as well, Dr. Eehui explained data is like 0s and 1s or like ABC and they started singing the ABC song… Another great outcome is that the educators also enjoyed the session and learnt something new.