A simple application of Deep Learning and IoT

IEEE WIE VIC Section and IEEE Swinburne Student Branch have organised for a Deep Learning and IoT workshop using Matlab


Venue: Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn
Date: 12 November 2019


The presentation (Seminar/workshop) covered an introductory application of Deep Learning and integrating its results to the Internet of Things (IoT).  ThingSpeak, an open-source platform for Internet of Things applications was used during the workshop.

Biography of the guest speaker

Dr. Shinsuke Matsubara is a senior customer success engineer from MathWorks, who support university students and lecturers in achieving their success with MATLAB/Simulink solutions for creativity and innovations.

Shinsuke has various engineering experiences on Naval architecture, ship hydrodynamics, wave mechanics, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), numerical simulation, experimentation (Wind tunnel, towing tank, and wave basin), full-size ship delivery voyage test, data acquisition systems, embedded system and sensor technology for field tests and low-cost autonomous vehicles. He instruments MATLAB for engineering data-driven decision making by enhancing computer cognitive skills with MATLAB.

Shinsuke also has teaching experience in Programming, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Structural analysis, Maritime engineering and developing the Thesis unit (Research Project) with a comprehensive marking rubric to assess synthesized student’s cognitive skills developed throughout university education.

Special thank goes to Mahnaz Shafiei and Maryam Rahou for organising this event.