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1 July 2022
Polymer photonics – challenges and approaches for a highly scalable platform in ultradense optical communications
Prof. Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Kyushu University in Japan

30 June 2022
Propagation modeling and measurements in complex environments for 5G communications.
Dr Grace Lim Soo Yong, The University of Nottingham in Malaysia.

26 May 2022
Novel Applications of microwave imaging: colorectal cancer early detection: challenges in algorithm and device development, from the idea to the clinical trials
Dr Marta Guardiola, CTO MiWEndo Solutions and Associate Professor, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain.

30 March 2022
RF Design for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Communication Systems: Efficiently Miniaturizing and Passively Sensing
Prof. Jasmin Grosinger. Graz University of Technology, Austria.

2 March 2022
Portable Radar Systems for Life Activity Sensing, Anomaly Detection, and Human Tracking
Prof. Changzhi Li, Texas Tech University, USA.


22 October 2021
What is my measurement equipment actually doing? Implications for 5G/6G, mm-wave and related applications
Dr Jon Martens, Anritsu, USA.

6 October 2021
Absorptive Frequency-Selective Structures
Prof. Zhongxiang Shen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

25 August 2021
Harmonising Engineering Education with Nature
A/Prof. Nemai Karmakar, Monash University.

19 August 2021
Metasurfaces for mmWave applications
Andreas Olk, University of New South Wales, Canberra, ACT, Australia / IEE S.A., Bissen, Luxembourg.

13 August 2021
Laminates for mmWave PCBs: Different Solutions for All-RF Multilayer, Hybrid Multilayer, and Double-Sided PCBs
Dipl Ing Manfred Huschka from AGC Multi-Materials General Division, Ireland.

8 June 2021
Towards Universally Programmable Chip-scale TeraHertz Source, Sensors and Systems
IEEE MTT DL, Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

6 June 2021
Integrated Microphotonics for TeraHertz Systems
Dr Daniel Headland, The University of Adelaide, Australia.

20 May 2021
Blood pressure estimation using on-body CW radar
Melika Pour Ebrahim, Monash University
The recording for this talk is available using this link.

27 April 2021
Antenna arrays for remote sensing and satellite communications
Shahriar Hasan Shehab, Monash University

20 April 2021
Navigating EMC Compliance from Design to Manufacturing
Yaser Darban (Entech Electronics), Scott Williams (Xentronics) and Arun Gayen (EMC Technologies)
The recording for this talk is available using this link.

15 April 2021
Radar-based Smart-Shoes for Fall Prevention
José G. Argañarás, Monash University
The recording for this talk is available using this link.

17 February 2021
A full duplex antenna for the 5.8 GHz ISM band
Anh Ngoc Nguyen, La Trobe University
The recording for this talk is available using this link.


29 October 2020
SAR and Temperature Rise in a Human Head due to EM Radiation for Frequencies up to 100 GHz
Prof. Atef Elsherbeni, Colorado School of Mines, USA

9 October 2020
From Engineering Electromagnetics to Electromagnetic Engineering: Teaching/Training Next Generations
Prof. Dr. Levent Svegi, Istanbul OKAN University, Turkey

16 September 2020
Analog Photonic Systems: Features & Techniques to Optimize Performance
Ed Ackerman, Photonic Systems Inc., USA


14 November 2019
Experience from a Satellite IoT Agriculture Trial in Victoria
Les Davey (Omnispace) and Andrew Davey (Melbourne Polytechnic)

17 July 2019
A fully printed backscatter radio transceiver
Andrew Walla, The University of Melbourne

24 June 2019
Lens antennas: Fundamentals and present applications
Professor Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, KTH, Sweden

23 May 2019
WinProp workshop
Co-sponsored with Altair Engineering Software

5 May 2019
IEEE APMTT Chapter presentation for La Trobe University IEEE Student Branch
Co-sponsored with IEEE La Trobe University Student Branch

2 May 2019
FEKO workshop
Co-sponsored with Altair Engineering Software

4 January 2019
Engineering and Entrepreneurship
Dr Rod Waterhouse, Dr John Ness and Prof. Thas Nirmalathas, IEEE AP Society


28 November 2018
Millimetre-wave and Terahertz Applications Enabled by Photonics
Professor Tadao Nagatsuma, Osaka University, Japan

30 October 2018
Second workshop on near-field communications and NFC fashion finger-nails
IEEE Vic. AP-MTT Chapter and WIE Affinity Group

18 October 2018
Gallium Nitride Power MMICs – Fact and Fiction
Dr Chuck Campbell, Qorvo, USA

4 October 2018
FEKO Basic Training
Mahan Rudd, Altair Australia

13 September 2018
FEKO Application for High Frequency Simulation
Mahan Rudd, Altair Australia

6 September 2018
Maker-workshop on near-field communications and NFC fashion finger-nails
IEEE Vic. AP-MTT Chapter and WIE Affinity Group

29 August 2018
Millimeter-Waves for future wireless and mobile access
Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (EMC Technologies) and Prof. Mike Faulkner (Victoria University)

24 August 2018
AP and MTT Member Survey

26 July 2018
RF Filters Past and Present
Graeme Madigan (EMACRF)

7 June 2018
nbn’s Sky Muster satellite program, satellite payload and ground component
Julia Dickenson (nbn co.)

24 April 2018
5G Standardisation; Current Status and Radio Specifications
Dr. Christian Bergljund (Ericsson Research)

20 April 2018
Applications of future wireless communications : V2X & wireless communications for Industry 4.0 including URLLC
Dr. Ing. Thomas Haustein (Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik)

19 April 2018
Memories and thoughts of a recently retired RF engineer
Dip. Ing. Dieter Pelz

21 February 2018
What you should know about co-axial cables
Dip. Ing. Stefan Burger


6 December 2017
Leaky-wave antennas: from niche applications to mass market
Prof. Karu Esselle

30th November 2017
Microwave Sensing Through the Subsurface for Addressing the Water Puzzle
Professor Mahta Moghaddam