Topics of Interest

Topics of the conference are not limited to them, but includes all the disciplines of the IEEE.

SeeĀ Call for Papers the for information in how to submit your article.

Special tracks include:

  • Renewable Energy.
  • Internet of Things, Communications & Information Technology.
  • Electronics Industry in Uruguay and Latin America

URUCON is open to several fields of interest including but not restricted to: aeronautics and space; antennas, propagation and EM compatibility; biomedical engineering and biomedical circuits & systems; electronic devices and microelectronics; circuits & systems; industrial and consumer electronics; control systems; computers, computational intelligence; automation and robotics; engineering education; remote sensing; management of engineering and technology; power electronics and applications; optical systems and photonics; power systems; signal processing; RFID; and other topics within the fields of interest of the IEEE and its member societies. URUCON is aimed at being a forum in all those fields, it will include technical sessions, tutorials given by experts on state-of-the-art topics, and special sessions, with the aim of complementing the regular program with emerging topics of particular interest.