UYGU 2018


IEEE GRSS Turkey Chapter, in collaboration with IEEE GRSS France and IEEE GRSS Germany Chapters, is pleased to invite you to the “Hyperspectral Image Processing” themed third Satellite Earth Observation Applications (Uydu Yer Gözlem Uygulamaları – UYGU) summer school which will be hosted by Gebze Technical University.

The first UYGU summer school, UYGU 2014, was organized with the content of fundamental principles of remote sensing and was hosted by TÜBİTAK – BİLGEM in June 2014, whereas the second UYGU summer school, UYGU 2016, was organized with the theme of multidimensional image processing: radar and hyperspectral, and was hosted by Istanbul Technical University Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Institute in June 2016.

The third summer school of this series, UYGU 2018, will be hosted by Gebze Technical University in the dates of 18 – 21 June 2018. UYGU 2018 is organized in collaboration between IEEE GRSS Turkey, IEEE GRSS France, and IEEE GRSS Germany Chapters. As in the previous summer schools, it is aimed to create opportunities to develop joint learning and collaboration, with the support of national and international speakers who are experts in their fields. In the four-day summer school, which we expect to contribute to an increase in the number and expertise levels of researchers in our country in the field of remote sensing, experts in their fields from Belgium, France, Germany and Turkey will give lectures on the physics of remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging, machine learning for remote sensing, content based archival and retrieval, hyperspectral feature analysis, hyperspectral classification, unmixing, target / anomaly detection and data fusion.

We wish for students, academicians and researchers to apply and participate in the third summer school event, UYGU 2018, which we believe will increase the awareness and efficiency in the use of satellite data and pave the way for new studies and collaborations in this field by enabling an interaction between different partners and peers.

Detailed information on invited lecturers, the program and the application conditions for UYGU 2018 may be obtained from