Robotics for Democracy Initiative: Robotics for democracy is RAS powered program aiming to promote access to Robotics in Tunisia Rural Schools underdeveloped regions.

  • Give them a chance to meet robotics and to get introduced to educational robotics new technologies
  • The program includes several training sessions for educators so that they can spread the educational
    robotics activities with their pupils, and then make them competing in Robotic Challenge.

Robotics for Democracy Initiative Goals : 

  1. Impact educational system in poor schools by organizing a several Robotic Activities based on
    low-cost platforms like Arduino
  2. Develop children skills in Robotics and teach them how to compete and get certified
  3. Stimulate young people to get involved with technology

IEEE RAS Tunisia will organize a trainee trainers sessions which is a technical session for IEEE R4D Volunteers(Primary schools educators + 7 RAS members) entitled “Build Your own Robot  session”; R4D first Training

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