IEEE EMBS Tunisia Chapter



 sponsor 1 Sfax University  –  Tunisia
 FSS Faculty of Sciences of Sfax
 sponsor 3 Association of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
sponsor 4 The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
 sponsor 5 Center of Biotechnology of Sfax
 sponsor 6 Laboratory of REsearch Groups in Intelligent Machines
 sponsor 7 Research Center of Computer Sciences, Multimedia and Digital Data Processing of Sfax
 logo Doctoral School of the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax
 Labo-Proba-stats Probability and Statistics Laboratory
CES Computers and Embedded Systems Laboratory
 sponsor 12
Multimedia, InfoRmation systems and Advances Computing Laboratory
 sponsor 13 Tunisian Association of Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Pâtisserie Masmoudi