IEEE EMBS Tunisia Chapter




International Conference for Engineering Sciences for Biology and Medicine

November 29- December 1st 2013, Mahdia – Tunisia


Friday November 29:

8h30-9h30 Registration  
10h00-10h30Coffee break    
10h30-11h00 Opening Ceremony  


Chairman Mounir BEN AYED


11h00-12h30 Constantinos PATTICHIS Mobile Health and Video Systems Cardiovascular Informatics and Risk Prediction

12h30: Lunch

Session 1: Mathematics in Biology and Medicine


Chairman Ahmed REBAI

14h00-14h35 Farouk CHERIF Neural networks and oscillations
14h35-15h10 Gregory NUEL Estimating Intervention Effects in Gene Expression from a Mixture of Observational and Interventional Experiments
15h10-15h25 M. KAMMOUN  New concepts in experimental designs
15h25-15h40 F. MALLOULI Iris Localization using General Distribution Mixture Model in the Segmentation Process
15h40-15h55 A. MESSAOUDI Molecular Docking Study of Calmodulin (CAM) in complex with small molecule ligands based on TFP and Phenothiazine
15h55-16h10 F.  ZOUARI Statistical methods for biological data analysis Anti FIIa assessment of enoxaparin in pharmaceutical formulation

Coffee break and poster viewing

Chairman Afif MASMOUDI

16h30-16h45 O. BEN SALEM Aflatoxin contamination of marketed sorghum
16h45-17h00 N. JEBABLI Population pharmacokinetics models in clinical Practice
17h00-17h15 M. CHOURA Unraveling the human NR-RTK network by integrative approach
17h15-17h30 A.N. SAVOSTYANOV Advanced ElectroEncephaloGramm processing: Application of EEG Component Selection for study of the brain activity related with motor control in the Russian and Tuva’s participants
17h30-17h45 A. B. MRAD Prostate cancer diagnosis based on  probabilistic evidence for propagating observations on continuous variables in Bayesian networks

Saturday November 30:


Session 2: Physics and Chemistry in Biology and Medicine


Chairman Ramzi MAALEJ


8h30-9h05 Hafedh BEN OUADA Transduction for biosensors devices
9h05-9h40 Michael CANVA Plasmonic Imaging and BioMedical Applications
9h40-10h15 Nabil MAALEJ Nanoparticles for Cancer Cell Imaging and Killing


Coffee break and poster viewing


Chairman Hafedh BEN OUADA


10h30-11h05 Fabrice NAVARRO Lipid nanoparticles (Lipidots) for biotechnological and biomedical applications
11h05-11h20 I. CHAKCHOUK NADf chip, a two-color microarray for simultaneous screening of multi-gene mutations associated with hearing impairment in the North Africa 
11h20-11h35 N. Daly Antioxidant properties of two species of medicinal plants of sweet clover grown in Tunisia. Analysis of their oil extracts
11h35-11h50 A. SASSI Development and validation of an hplc assay to determine halofuginone in human urethra
11h50-12h05 W. LOUED Effects of annealing atmosphere of PLA on optical, structural and morphological properties
12h05-12h20 N. HAMZA Study of the photoluminescence of Er3+ doped GaN thin films
12h20-12h35 R. LACHHEB Characterization of Tm3+ doped TNZL glass laser material


12h35: Lunch


Chairman Michael CANVA

14h00-14h35 Najoua KAMOUN Synthesis and characterization of oxides, application in medicine
14h35-15h10 Ali OTHMANE Biosensors and their Applications in the Biomedical and Environmental Fields
15h10-15h45 M. MASSAOUD Flexible sensors for real-time monitoring of moisture levels in wound dressing
15h45-16h00 S. BOULILA Detoxification of rats subjected to nickel chloride by a biomaterial-based carbonated orthophosphate: Physiological and hysic-chemical effects explorations of substitutions



Coffee break and poster viewing

Chairman Nabil MAALEJ

16h15-16h30 R. SALHI Preparation and characterization of aerosol MOCVD erbium doped alumina-yttria oxide films for solar spectrum conversion
16h30-16h45 T. KALLEL Optical spectroscopy of Yb3+ ions in CaF2 transparent ceramics for high power lasers
16h45-1700h M. KOUBAA Design of biosensors based on MWCNTS for electrochemical DNA detection
1700h-17h15 R. HAKIM Growth, optical spectroscopy and Judd–Ofelt analysis of Pr-doped BaY2F8 monocrystals
17h15-17h30 A. BELGUITH Judd-Ofelt analysis of spectroscopic properties of Tm3+ ions in KYF4 monocrystals
17h30-17h45 K. DAMAK Spectroscopic and luminescence characteristics of Erbium doped tellurite glass for lasing materials and green LEDs

Sunday December 1st:

Session 3: Computer science in Biology and Medicine


Chairman Salma JAMOUSSI

8h30-9h05 Mohamed ELATI Reconstruction and interrogation of biological networks
9h05-9h20 A. KSOURI Scorpion-toxin Nanobody binders: Immunoinformatic review and structural analysis of VHH sequence variability
9h20-9h35 A. BRAHMI Evaluating clinical DSS temporal visualisations
9h35-9h50 H. TURKI Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks for the prediction of mental deficiency in children
9h50-10h05 K. GHEDIRA Designing a portal for the meta-analysis of high-throughput data suitable for analysis of Trypanosomatidae

Coffee break and poster viewing

Chairman Hassen HADJKACEM

10h20-10h35 A. GHOUILA EuPathDomains: The divergent domain database for eukaryotic pathogens
10h35-10h50 H. NJAH A New Perspective For Classifying Biological Data
10h50-11h05 S. REGAIEG A novel Gene Regulatory Network Construction Method for Microarray Data
11h05-11h20 M. C. KARRAY A Study of Key Genes’ Behavior for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Disease
11h20-11h35 I. RAHMANY Detection of intracranial aneurysms in angiographic images
11h35-11h50 L. ROMDHANE Bioinformatic approach for genodermatosis genes study
11h50-12h05 N. B. HAMAD A new approach for automatic microcalcification detection based on mixture parametric distibutions


12h05: Cloture and departure of participants