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The First edition of the International Conference for Engineering Sciences for Biology and Medicine (ESBM 2013), organized by Tunisian Association of Academic Researchers, IEEE EMBS Tunisia Chapter, Faculty of Science of Sfax and Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax will be held in the historic city of Mahdia, Tunisia, November 29- December 1, 2013.

Applications of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science to problems raised by modern biology and medicine have become intensive research topics in the recent past decade. With the recent development of multidisciplinary domains such as biostatistics, bioinformatics, systems biology and nanotechnology, many leading scientists working in different scientific fields have been attracted by applications of their work to Biology and Medicine.

Following the successful organization of international workshop and conferences in Bioinformatics in Tunisia since 2005, the purpose of ESBM 2013 is to build on these basis and stimulate the interest of engineers, scientists and researchers in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science applications in Biology and Medicine, by exchanging ideas and approaches, presenting research findings and state-of-the-art solutions in the new interdisciplinary fields, including methods and techniques  and their applications in biosciences.

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