International Summer School on Technologies and Signal Processing in Perinatal Medicine

The International Summer School on Technologies and Signal Processing in Perinatal Medicine aims to present the issues inherent in the technologies applied to perinatal medicine, specifically intending the period from the third trimester of pregnancy up to one month after birth. Why this choice? Because pregnancy is a critical time for the health of the mother and the fetus, with important risks for both. In particular, early prenatal diagnosis can enable therapeutic interventions in utero or post-partum (or childbirth programming through cesarean section), in order to minimize the risks for the fetus in the short and long term. Starting from the clinical aspects, the necessary diagnostic tools will be identified according to current clinical standards and explaining the operating principle, signal acquisition techniques, signal processing algorithms for the extraction and analysis of information of interest, including automatic interpretation.

The school aims to provide students with an overview of the current instrumentation and techniques, with clear indications and exhaustive presentations on the trends of research in the field, thanks to the major experts in the field, but also and above all to train them on the techniques of signal acquisition, signal processing and machine learning necessary to carry out the research (basic and applied) for the development of medical devices. The practical sessions, the laboratory and some demonstrations will allow the students to experience what they have learned in the theoretical lessons.

In spite of the specificity of the school’s theme, many of the techniques of analysis of the signals shown also adapt to other contexts, thus allowing the students to acquire skills of general use in the biomedical field.