You are invited to join and participate in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship TAC of the IEEE’s Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS).  The mission of the I&E TAC is to promote, facilitate, expand, and support innovation and entrepreneurship activities within TEMS.  Our activities are global.  Participation can be in many forms: participating in discussions, organizing sessions at conferences, reviewing manuscripts, etc.

Upcoming TEMS and IandE Events:

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Innovation can be simply defined as an idea implemented with impact, and an entrepreneur may be viewed as the idea implementation agent.  Since the goal of technology and engineering management is the effective implementation of technological and engineering ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship management is at the heart of Technology and Engineering Management.

The innovation process has the following major participants: The Idea Generator, the Core Team, the Supporter, and the Adopter.  Each major participant invests time, money, energy, and other resources in the process of creating an idea and implementing it through building the core team, seeking and providing support, developing products or services, and marketing them to achieve impact with customer adoption.  Although ideas are basic to innovation, the human elements in motivating and implementing idea creation, support, and adoption to achieve impacts are key to innovation and entrepreneurship management.

If interested in participating, please contact the TAC Chair, Oliver Yu at

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