With the aim of broadening active participation in TCRTS-sponsored conferences, the TCRTS Executive Committee is collecting self-nominations for:

  • Technical Program Committee member
  • General Chair and Program Chair

The information that is collected using these forms will be considered in the selection process.. Entering your data does not provide any guarantee that you will be called to serve in any of these roles. The responsibilities associated with these appointments are explained in the TCRTS transparency page.

Self-nomination for Technical Program Committee member

Please find below the links to the form and the privacy policy. The entered data is stored for four years. If you wish to have your name in the list for a longer period of time, you are responsible for providing an updated version of the information with a new application.

Self-nomination for General and Program Chair

The refinement of this form is still in progress. We aim at having this form on-line in January 2021.