Call for Proposals to Host RTSS 2021

Dear Real-Time Systems Community:

IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) is the flagship conference in the field of real-time systems. RTSS 2019 will be held December 3-6 in Hong Kong. RTSS 2020 will be held in early December 2020 in Houston. At RTSS 2019, we will choose the location of RTSS 2021 during a meeting of the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems (TCRTS) that is open to all RTSS attendees.

We are soliciting proposals in advance for hosting the conference. The Executive Committee of the TCRTS will review all submitted proposals, and select a set of proposals to be considered and voted on during the TCRTS meeting held at RTSS 2019 in Hong Kong. Those submitting nominations will be expected to attend this meeting and make a short presentation concerning the location they are nominating.

In 2021, RTSS is slated to be held in Europe, so preference will be given to locations in Europe. However, if we receive an insufficient number of nominations from Europe, other regions will be considered as well.

Proposals for hosting do not require formal budgets, but providing some sense of potential costs is expected. Also, information concerning potential meeting spaces, hotels, travel connections, things to do of local interest, etc., would be useful.

Proposals should be submitted to no later than November 1, 2019.

Please consider volunteering to host RTSS 2021!

Best regards,
Chenyang Lu

Chair, IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems (TCRTS),
Fullgraf Professor, Washington University in St. Louis,

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