EMC – ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

Welcome to the Swedish Chapter of the IEEE EMC Society!

The chapter was established in 1990. We arrange and support technical meetings, workshops, and conferences on the topic of Electromagnetic Compatibility. The EMC chapter shall be an enabler for sharing information and ideas between the members, and giving the members the possibility to visit interesting EMC related places.

For more information about our chapter and our activities, please, send us an e-mail to christer.karlsson@ri.se.

Chair: Christer Karlsson
christer.karlsson@ri.se, +46 10 516 57 01

Vice Chairman: Kia Wiklundh
kia.wiklundh@qamcom.se, +46 73 661 9099

Secretary : Åke Lindbeck


Documentation from prevoious meetings:

EMC Chapter Archive