As one of the city’s most historic companies, the dramatic ups-and-downs of Washington Water Power, now Avista, have been featured in literally hundreds of news headlines since the company’s origin in 1889.   In this two part presentation Spokane historian and Avista employee Larry La Bolle will highlight WWP’s / Avista’s most exciting moments in over 131 years of turbulent history.  This history will be told through Larry’s superb collection of historic photos, allowing the listener to really see and feel like they were there!   

The first presentation episode, offered at 5 pm on Wed Oct 21 virtually via Zoom, and titled “Washington Water Power: The Early Years,” details the rapid changes and evolution of the company.   

More than just a tale of one company, the company’s history mirrors what was happening in the overall electric power industry in its early years – starting just 7 years after the world’s first hydroelectric power plant began operating in the United States along the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1882. 

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