Concepts for Building a More Secure Industrial Control System

How can Industry Manage Threats with a Comprehensive Security Approach?

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A fully connected enterprise requires a comprehensive approach to industrial security. This approach includes policies and procedures that address people, process, and technology-related risks. A ​complex, interconnected​ system includes challenges. It is critical to understand the potential risks and start building security into your industrial automation control systems.

Industrial assets require a defense-in-depth security approach that addresses both internal and external security threats. A defense-in-depth security architecture is based on the idea that any one point of protection ​may​ be defeated. This approach uses physical, electronic, and procedural layers of defense, and applies the appropriate controls that address different types of risks.

This presentation will introduce the concepts of managing potential threats and building a more secure industrial control system, including how to address industrial security needs, reduce risk, and enable uptime in control systems. The presentation will also cover practices outlined in IEC 62443 standard and the NIST 800-82 guidelines.

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