Urbanova — Spokane’s Smart City Project (April 24, 2019)

Cities across the globe are working to use technology in new ways to help improve services and infrastructure for citizens and help address urban challenges like energy and water usage, traffic/mobility, waste, pollution and health. Urbanova is the Spokane region’s innovator in this effort — bringing together leaders in a wide range of industries to create a smart city technology proving ground in Spokane’s downtown University District. Urbanova is now a living laboratory for scalable, replicable projects that harness data to gain insights, empower people and solve urban challenges in new ways. Urbanova was launched as a multi-partner nonprofit organization, founded in 2016 by Avista, the City of Spokane, Itron, Washington State University, McKinstry and the University District Development Association. In 2018 Gallup and Verizon Smart Communities joined the Urbanova partnership.
Come learn more about how Spokane is distinguishing itself in one of the world’s most fast-moving fields.