2-Day Project Management Course for the Non-PMP (May 15-16, 2019)

As projects grow in complexity and scrutiny of delivery method increases, conventional approaches are being supplanted with a need for more formalized tools, techniques, and processes. The time in which project team self-execution with cursory status updates is no longer satisfying the sponsors of our initiatives. To those who lack the lexicon of formalized project delivery or who may find themselves anointed to provide more structured project delivery, a crash course is helpful. This two-day training will provide attendees with the basic skills needed to navigate project management best practices. The major process groups of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, as well as closeout will be covered in practical and hands-on exercises in order to become aware of and desirous of the values and benefits that can be derived therein. At the conclusion of this course the attendee will have cursory understanding of the major deliverables of formal project management that will allow for further development and refinement as needed by their individual circumstance