Cybersecurity Symposium 2018 (April 9-10, 2018)

The 2018 Cybersecurity Symposium will be a two and a half day event, starting with our mixer on April 9th, Academic Day on April 10th, and Business Day on the 11th. The Academic Day will feature innovative cybersecurity research with presentations by authors and research-focused networking breaks. It will also include a government research focused panel. The Business day will feature presentations from local businesses, networking activities and opportunities, and a business focused panel with members from HP, Microsoft, and others. Our keynotes and lunchtime speakers will draw from notables across the spectrum, including Dr. Bill Pike of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Lindsey Hearst of Hewlett-Packard; and Anna Scaglione of Arizona State University.

Interested in just the Business Day? For our local business and industry partners, we have a special offer – a Business Day, singe day attendance price of $85. Come out, hear what your colleagues across the Pacific Northwest are doing, and participate in networking events.

Currently, our Business Day schedule still has a few open slots for presentations; if you or someone from your organization would like to come and share with us what you are doing for cybersecurity, or what you see as critical research needs, please contact Jess Smith at

Need more information? Check out for details about locations, schedules, etc.