• Date: 10th Apr 2024
  • Speaker: M. Rosario Fernández Ruiz
  • Location: Webinar
  • Description: This webinar will introduce the distributed fibre optic sensing technology, briefly explaining its operating principles and describing the sensing methods developed in the Photonic Engineering Group (GRIFO) of the University of Alcalá. In addition, the current lines of research and development will be presented, ranging from the improvement of sensor performance to the use of this technology in new areas of application, such as the monitoring of aeronautical structures or shape sensing for medical and industrial purposes.

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  • Date: 2nd June 2023
  • Speaker: David Fuentes Jiménez
  • Location: Webinar
  • Description: In this webinar, Deep Learning is explained, starting from scratch and slowly building a higher understanding of how it can be applied to real problems and the mathematical foundations behind this discipline. It will be approached from a practical point of view by presenting examples and use cases already programmed through the TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks. Some examples that will be covered solve the problems of object classification using RGB images or Doppler radar signals.

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mmWave Radar: Methodology, Fundamentals and Applications

  • Date: 24th Feb 2023
  • Speaker: José Antonio Paredes Moreno
  • Location: Webinar
  • Description: In this seminar, the mmWave radar device will be presented, starting from its theoretical foundation and introducing some of the latest research lines. Besides, the attendant will be guided through the application development process, from device choice to software configurations and use.

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Challenging Disability with Electronic Devices. Electronic technologies and disabilities

  • Date: 15th June 2022
  • Speaker: Jaime Óscar Casas Piedrafita
  • Location: Webinar

Intelligent Electric Networks (Smart Grids), experience of Iberdrola

  • Date: 3rd May 2022
  • Speaker: Enrique García García
  • Location: Webinar

Peer Review of Scientific Articles

  • Date: 12th Feb 2021
  • Speaker: Ramon Pallàs Areny
  • Location: Webinar
  • Description: This seminar is directed to novel researchers needing to know how their works will be evaluated and how they should proceed when evaluating other works. Peer review is considered a moral obligation of all researchers, even in journals where paying for publishing is needed.

State of Health Determinarion of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Mechanistic Modeling Approac

  • Date: 11th Dec 2020
  • Speaker: David Anseán González
  • Location: Webinar

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Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Sensors

  • Date: 19th Dec 2019
  • Speaker: Manel Gasulla Forner (IEEE IMS Senior Member)
  • Location: Webinar
  • Description: This webinar first presents the basic building blocks of an energy harvester and designs rules to be considered. Then, different types of energy transducers, conditioning circuits, and storage devices are introduced. Finally, some commercial energy harvesters are presented. Research carried out in this area by the presenter’s group will also be embedded and highlighted.

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Present and future of the electric vehicle battery management

  • Date: 26th April 2019
  • Speakers: Dr. Joaquín Chacón Guadalix (CEO Albufera Energy Storage)
  • Location: Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering
  • Total number of registrants: 120
  • Description: The objective of this webinar is to publish the current situation of the management of electric vehicle batteries, with special emphasis on the role that instrumentation and measurement systems play in such management. The battery technologies presented and the research lines for improving battery efficiency will be analyzed.

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Introduction to 3D Printing. Sensor Adaptations Examples

  • Date: 9th April 2019
  • Speakers: Dr. Rubén Nieto
  • Location: University of Alcalá
  • Total number of registrants: 16
  • Description: The goal of this webinar was to publicize the evolution of 3D printing, its printing cycle, design repository, basic printer parts, the 3D printing cycle, how to think to design and print in 3D and what the printing process is like. Examples for the adaptation of sensors and robotic systems were commented.

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