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MSc Sustainable Electrical Power

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Brunel’s Women in Engineering programme is designed, with industry, to support women engineers to become future leaders in engineering. The programme runs in parallel to your chosen MSc course, providing additional contact with industry through mentoring and site visits, and professional development training designed specifically for female postgraduate students. In return you will become ambassadors for the engineering profession and this programme.

For 2014-15, we are offering 40 scholarships for UK/EU female students, covering both tuition fees for qualifying full-time MSc courses and a living allowance of £15,000. The following is one of the qualifying courses:

Sustainable Electrical Power MSc

The Sustainable Electrical Power MSc course meets the industrial demand for the training and education of both existing and future engineers in the advanced concepts of sustainable electrical power and energy generation.

The aims of this course are:

This newly designed MSc programme is appropriate for those seeking an in-depth knowledge of sustainable electrical power including:

· Graduates in power or electrical engineering, physical sciences, or related disciplines who aspire to work in the electrical power industry;

· Industrially experienced graduate engineers and managers who recognise the importance of developing new analytical and critical skills, and state-of-the-art methodologies associated with the development sustainable electrical power systems.

Your application for the scholarship will be automatic; eligibility will be checked from the details in your online application for the MSc course. Your personal statement should explain your experience to date, ambitions for the future, and commitment to engineering. For further information on this Scholarship, and its terms and conditions please visit: or contact Petra Gratton at

For further information and to apply for the above course, please visit the Apply button below.

Our bid proposed to address the gender imbalance of our engineering post graduate taught degrees through the delivery of the ‘Women in Engineering Programme’ and the funding of scholarships.

Under Equality and Diversity legislation we believe we can take Positive Action to offer scholarships to female students and design specific interventions that will support females on post graduate taught engineering degrees. These programmes will also support females to consider continuing their studies at a post graduate research level.


Eur.Ing Dr Ahmed Zobaa

MSc Course Director
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