Palestrante: Dra. Juliana Salles – Microsoft External Research
Data: 14/09/2011 (quarta-feira)
Horário: 13:00h às 14:00h
Local: Sala de Congregação da FEEC – LE48

Women in Technical Careers: Opportunities and Challenges

Today, women represent most of the talent pool and much of the market. They have unprecedented economic influence. In the US, for example, women make 80% of consumer purchasing decision. Despite of this reality, women’s representation in the technical fields is decreasing over the years. Between 2000 and 2009, the percentage of women in the computing workforce dropped 13%, while the percentage of men in computing increased 11%.

A large percentage of women in technology companies leave their organizations at the mid-level point in their careers, so many do not reach the upper ends of their earning and leadership potential in industry. Only 10% of corporate officer positions of the Fortunate 500 companies are held by women. In the US, research shows that the five primary barriers that often lead women to leave the technical workplace include unconscious bias and promotion processes.

During this talk, we will discuss some of the aspects that impact women’s careers in the technical fields and potential strategies to mitigate those issues.

* A palestra será ministrada em Português.

* A audiência da palestra é aberta a toda comunidade da Unicamp independentemente de gênero.

Juliana received her Ph.D. In Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) from UFMG. She has a bachelors and masters in Computer Science. Actually she is a Senior Research Program Manager in Microsoft External Research and is responsible for academic research partnerships in Brazil. In her role, she works with the scientific community throughout the region with the goal of creating long-term collaborations and engagements. Her collaboration projects are related to Climate Change, Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Health and Computer Scienc e. Since joining Microsoft, Dr. Salles has worked for several product teams including Visual Studio, Windows Live and Windows Live Mobile as a UX Researcher.

Palestra Dra. Juliana Salles