Below is an archive of past articles.


IEEE’s Past President Envisions the Future (6/13/2013)
Division Director Moura inducted into the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (3/21/2013)
IEEE Society supports National Photonics Initiative (NPI) (3/13/2013)
IEEE society forms humanitarian group focusing on robotics (2/12/2013)
IEEE GRSS Announces plans for 2013 Data Fusion Contest (1/7/2013)


IEEE Robotics and Automation Society hosts student event at IROS 2012 (11/28/2012)
GOLD IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society visits Pittsburgh (10/19/2012)
IEEE receives ASAE Summit Award (10/12/2012)
IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest winners announced (9/13/2012)
Istanbul Technical University wins IEEE PELS Solar Splash Competition (6/9/2012)
IEEE EDS hosts Solar Day Student Competition at 2012 PVSC (6/22/2012)
IEEE Circuits & Systems Society sponsors workshop for Indian students (6/6/212)
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society hosts Teen Robotics Program at ICRA (5/23/2012)
IEEE launches major e-health pilot in India (5/9/2012)
IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society program supports women engineers (4/25/2012)
IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge is saving lives in Peru’s Alto Amazonas (4/9/2012)
IEEE Broadcast Technology Society signs FoBTV Joint Declaration. (4/2/2012)
“My Daughter is an Engineer” program helps get girls interested in engineering (2/22/2012)
Self-maintaining solar power systems deliver electricity in impoverished regions (1/25/2012)

IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Plus Award recipients announced (12/7/2011)
2011 IEEE symposium reports results from Autonomous Vehicle Challenge (10/26/2011)
E-health solution tracks patient records in rural areas (9/14/2011)
IEEE Electron Devices Society “Engineers Demonstrating Science Program” (8/31/2011)
IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge delivers solar power to villages in Haiti (7/27/2011)