IEEE Power & Energy Society Singapore Chapter


DLP Dr Jianhui Wang 2019@ NTU

DLP Dr Amir Miragha 2019@ NewRIIS

Technical Tour to ABB Digital Solutions Centre 2019

DLP Dr Kalyan K. Sen 2019@ NUS

A Panel Discussion on: “The Untold Secrets to Pursuing and Winning Research Funding: Learn from the Stories of the International Experts”

Spring Party with Seniors on 03 Mar 2018

CNY 2018 at PES Singapore

2019 Sub-Committees:

Technical Activities: Dr. Dipti Srinivasan (Chair), Dr. Thaiyal Naayagi Ramasamy and Dr. Yan Xu
Social Activities: Mr. Tan Teck Lee (Chair), Mr. Gek Huat TEH and Mr. Seow Kang Seng
Awards: Mr. Tan Teck Lee (Chair), Dr. Dipti Srinivasan and Dr. Thaiyal Naayagi Ramasamy
Membership Development: Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar (Chair), Dr. Rahul Mehta and Dr. Deepak Waikar
Young Professionals Program (Formerly GOLD): Dr. Kwan Kian Hoong (Chair), Dr. Kuan Tak TAN and Dr. Deepak Waikar
Student Activities: Dr. Anurag Sharma (Chair), Dr. Deepak Waikar and Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar
Community Services: Mr. Tan Teck Lee (Chair), Dr. Thaiyal Naayagi Ramasamy and Mr. Seow Kang Seng
Industrial Activities: Mr. Seow Kang Seng (Chair), Mr. Tan Teck Lee, and Dr. Rahul Mehta
Women In Engineering (WIE): Dr. Thaiyal Naayagi Ramasamy (Chair), Dr. Dipti Srinivasan and Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar
Webmaster & Media Relations Mr. Muhammad Ramadan B. M. S.