2019/2020 Prize Winners Top Student Award (Diploma in Electrical Engineering) in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Congratulations Teng Rui Xuan


The two premier polytechnics (SP – Singapore Polytechnic and NP – Ngee Ann Polytechnic) in Singapore that conduct power engineering program have routinely requested for donation of awards for their graduating students. The Power Chapter had always responded positively with book prizes as listed below.

Singapore Polytechnic

$200 award to the top student in the program of Diploma in Electrical and Computer Control Engineering (with power option) at Singapore Polytechnic.


2000/2001 Chong Yong Hui, Benjamin
2001/2002 Tan Yean Soon
2002/2003 Tay Chee Yong
2003/2004 Ngu Leh Ee
2004/2005 Huang Junhao, Willy
2005/2006 Stephanie Budiman
2006/2007 Goh Tarn Chuan
2007/2008 Neo Yuan Sheng

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

IEEE Power Engineering Chapter Singapore Prize

$200 award to the top student in the program of Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


2000/2001 Tee Kok Kiong
2001/2002 Wee Siew Kian
2002/2003 Er Wen-Yi
2003/2004 Lew Yu Lui
2004/2005 Peh Poo Yong
2005/2006 Oey Suryadi Prasetyo
2006/2007 Huang Hansheng
2007/2008 Chua Feng Kai (Alexandra)
2008/2009 Lin Junrun
2019/2020 Teng Rui Xuan