IEEE PES Workshop on Electrical Power Engineering

One-day Workshop Exchange with University of Strathclyde, National University of Singapore and Newcastle University in Singapore

Venue: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Date: 30 Oct 2018

Time Program
9:00am-10:00am Arrival of Presenters / Morning Tea (EEE Staff Lounge, S2.2-B4-06)
Technical seminars (EEE Executive Seminar Room, S2.2-B2-53)
10:00am-10:15am “Robust operation of Microgrids” – Assistant Professor Xu Yan, NTU EEE (15 min)
10:15am-10:30am “Energy Storage Projects at Energy Research Institute @ NTU” – Dr Marcus Koh, NTU ERI@N (15 min)
10:30am-10:40am Distributed Control and Automation in Power Systems and Cyber-Physical Implementation” – Dr Wang Yu, Research Fellow, NTU EEE
10:40am-10:50am Frequency Control with Deep Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Action Domain” – Mr Yan Ziming, PhD Student, NTU EEE
10:50am-11:00am Data Analytics for Fault Diagnosis, Prognostics and Health Management” – Dr Gou Bin, Research Fellow, Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab
11:00am-11:10am Energy Management System of All-Electric Ships” – Dr Fang Sidun, Research Fellow, Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab
11:10am-11:20am Optimal Planning and Operation of Multi-Energy Microgrids” – Mr Li Zheng Mao, PhD Student, NTU EEE
11:20am-11:30am Capacity Estimation and Prognosis in Li-ion battery” – Mr Akhilesh Koul, Msc Student, NTU EEE
11:30am-11:40am Multi-stage Coordinated VAR Planning of Wind Penetrated Power System” – Mr Chi Yuan, PhD Student, NTU EEE
11:40am-11:50am Buffer Time
11:50am-12:30pm Short Break  / Lab Visit (Water & Energy Lab)
12:30pm-13:30pm Lunch (EEE Staff Lounge, S2.2-B4-06)
Technical seminars (EEE Executive Seminar Room, S2.2-B2-53)
13:30pm-13:50pm Strathclyde’s future power grid programmesProfessor Graeme Burt, University of Strathclyde (20 min)
13:50pm-14:00pm Enabling Decentralised operation of future grids” – Dr. Mazheruddin Syed, University of Strathclyde
14:00pm-14:10pm Enhanced smart charging strategies for optimal integration of electric vehicles in distribution network” – Dr. Anupam Trivedi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
14:10pm-14:20pm Adaptive Protection for Distribution Networks with Distributed Generators” – Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
14:20pm-14:30pm Probabilistic load forecasting” – Mr. Zhang Wenjie, Post Graduate, National University of Singapore
14:30pm-14:40pm A Novel Piezoelectric-Based Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Nanogrid Application” – Mr Wesley Poh, Post Graduate, Newcastle University in Singapore
14:40pm-14:50pm Computational Intelligence Techniques for Energy Management of Storage System” – Mr Tiong Teck, Post Graduate, Newcastle University in Singapore
14:50pm-15:00pm Integrating Distributed Renewable Technologies with Revolutionized Demand-Side Dominion Advancement: Consumers Sovereignty” – Mr Ramadan, Newcastle University in Singapore
15:00pm-15:10pm Buffer Time
15:10pm-16:00pm Afternoon Tea and free discussion (EEE Staff Lounge, S2.2-B4-06)


  • Contact Person 1: Mr Benjamin Chew, NTU EEE, ; Tel: (+65) 8128 3991
  • Contact Person 2: Mr Chi Yuan, NTU EEE, ; Tel: (+65) 8573 8973
  • Venue: School of EEE’s building S2.2. If you take a taxi, you can locate the address as NTU Carpark B to School of EEE.

Campus Map: (Building S2.2)