Seminar: [Oct 20] Design of Lightweight and Secure VANET-based Navigation Service

Speaker: Prof Ma Maode, NTU
Date & Time: Tuesday 20 October 2015, 4.30pm
Venue: Franklin, Level 11, Connexis South Tower

Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Singapore Chapter
IEEE Education Society Singapore chapter

Recently, the issue of VANET-based navigation has drawn much research attention. Although an enhanced secure and privacy VANET-based navigation (EVSPN) scheme has been proposed to prevent the replay and man-in-the-middle attacks, providing signature and verification on the public key infrastructure (PKI) based signatures of all messages relayed costs much computation resource and incurs a high authentication delay for not only the vehicles but also the roadside units (RSUs), especially when the navigation service is busy. In this talk, I will address the design of a lightweight secure VANET-based navigation scheme (LSVN) that has a lower computation cost and a lower authentication delay. By the LSVN, a vehicle firstly initiates the navigation service with a RSU nearby to request a shared symmetric key for later communication with other RSUs in the VANET. Then, the best route will be calculated. The pseudo identity of the vehicle and the shared keying materials are sent to the RSUs on the route of the vehicle to its destination to keep. At last, the vehicle will be led to destination by these RSUs in series. We formally verify by BAN Logic that the LSVN scheme can provide the guarantee of the integrity of messages and mutual authenticate the messages. Performance analysis shows that the LSVN can minimize the use of asymmetric cryptographic operations and reduce authentication delay for nearly 50% comparing with the EVSPN scheme.

Biography of the Speaker:
Dr. Maode Ma received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1999. Now, Dr. Ma is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has extensive research interests including wireless networking and network security. He has led and/or participated in 18 research projects funded by government, industry, military and universities in various countries. He has been a general chair, technical symposium chair, tutorial chair, publication chair, publicity chair and session chair for more than 70 international conferences. He has been a member of the technical program committees for more than 180 international conferences. Dr. Ma has about 300 international academic publications including more than 130 journal papers and over 160 conference papers. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering and International Journal of Electronic Transport. He also serves as a Senior Editor for IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, and an Associate Editor for International Journal of Network and Computer Applications, International Journal of Security and Communication Networks, International Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing and International Journal of Communication Systems. He had been an Associate Editor for IEEE Communications Letters from 2003 to 2011. Dr. Ma is the Fellow of IET and a senior member of IEEE Communication Society and IEEE Education Society. He is the Chair of the IEEE Education Society, Singapore Chapter. He is serving as an IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecturer.


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