Technical & Social Tours

Three technical visits and two events in social tour are planned during the days of the conference.

Technical visits are scheduled on :

The social tours concern  :



Technical Tours

“L’espace Grenelle” of ENEDIS (French DSO) Tours : the reference showcase on the electric distribution network’s future

Monday October 17th, 2016 (5:30 pm)

icone_download Download Espace Grenelle Brochure (icone_pdf – 1,4 Mo)

  • The tour will be organized by ENEDIS, the French DSO (Distribution System Operator). The participant will visit a demonstration area of 400 m2 that is designed as an educational tool as well as a place of experimentation of the possibilities offered by the new ENEDIS smart meter “Linky” that will be deployed for 35 million households in the coming years. Beyond the demonstration of the smart meters massive roll out, this showroom presents the whole issue around the “smart grid” and smart metering.
  • The various possibilities that can be offered by “Espace Grenelle” include:
    • receiving a diversified audience: institutional and business partners, customers, students…
    • showing customers the new advantages offered by the Linky smart meter: following of the consumption, management of the devices, charging of the electric vehicle…
    • presenting concretely how Enedis contributes to the energy transition (renewable energy, electric vehicle,demand response for peak-shifting…)
    • illustrating innovation capacities of the french industrial sector (SMEs SMIs, big companies, universities, research centers…)
    • opening to other visits and experimentation centers (Nice, Lyon…)
  • The visit will last about 1 hour and half: Free of charge


TT1-1  TT1-2

Showroom Smartgrids Paris Grenelle   TT1-4

Showroom Smartgrids Paris Grenelle


Smart Substation tour (one full day)

Wednesday October 19th, 2016

  • The « Smart Substation » or “Poste Intelligent” demo project aims at designing, building, testing and operating two fully digital smart substations in the Northern area of France. The project is carried out by a consortium with the 2 major Transmission System and Distribution System Operators in France, RTE and ENEDIS, leading industrial companies, GE Grid Solution, Nokia, Schneider Electric and a start up Neelogy.
  • The main scientific and technical objectives are :
    • Full digitalization of all links between the high voltage equipment and the Intelligent Electronic Devices
    • Development of an open architecture which allows to plug through a standardized interface high level system functions like local state estimation, local analysis and diagnosis of incidents and auto-adaptive protection schemes
    • Implementation of sensors and monitoring for system operation and maintenance
    • Implementation of a digital interface between the TSO and DSO
    • Full redundancy for relays and telecontrol

Innovative solutions are implemented and tested in real operating conditions with appropriate cyber security measures. The project also assess the benefits provided by these solutions such as a lower environmental impact, better integration of the renewable energies, improved transmission capacities, and optimal use of the existing assets, etc.

Etudes sur l'impact de la production éolienne sur le réseau local, un projet innovant pour améliorer la fiabilité du réseau électrique

Schedule of Wednesday October 19 :Poste Intelligent demonstrator

  • Appointment at 7.45 am in Parking Kleber (65, avenue Kleber,75116 Paris) five minutes’ walk from the salon des Arts et Métiers
  • Departure from Paris at 8 a.m by coach
  • Arrival around 10.30 am in Blocaux (Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie): display of the project “Poste intelligent” and guided tour of the technical experiments (10.30 am to 12 am).
  • Lunch near Blocaux (12 am to 1.30 p.m)
  • Departure from Blocaux to Lille by coach (1. 30 pm to 4 pm)
  • Guided visit of the show-room of Poste intelligent in Lille made by the project manager (from 4 to 6 pm)
  • Return to Paris by train around 6.30 pm and arrival in Paris Gare du Nord around 7. 30 pm

All inclusive price : €108
– Maximum number of participants : 38
– The timetable is given approximate


Nice Grid demo project on PV solar energy district (one full day)

Thursday October 20th, 2016

NICE GRID is the first smart solar-energy district demonstrator project conducted in France. This ambitious project has brought together a broad range of stakeholders in the municipality of Carros.

The four objectives of the project are (

  • Integrate distributed PV generation within the grid
  • Reduce peak demand at the level of the city
  • Island a low voltage district
  • Turn consumers into prosumers

Innovative technologies are used, such as energy storage, and are combined within a global architecture with a Network Energy Manager (NEM) in charge of flexibility allocation.

NICE GRID is led by ERDF with General Electric, EDF, Saft, ARMINES, Daikin, RTE, Socomec, Netseenergy, nke Watteco.

The project, started in 2011, in ending this year


TT3-2   TT3-3

TT3-4   TT3-5

Schedule of  Thursday October 20: Nice Grid demonstrator

  • Appointment in Nice at 1.45 pm in front of the Hôtel Ibis (14, avenue Thiers, 06000 Nice) near Nice SNCF train station
  • Departure from Nice at 2 pm by coach
  • Arrival around 3 pm in Carros (Nice Grid demonstrator)
  • Guided tour of Nice grid demonstrator made by the project manager (3 to 5 pm): presentation in the show-room and visit on the site of different equipment
  • Return to Nice by coach and arrival around 6 pm in Nice SNCF train station

All inclusive price : €21
– Number of participants : 38
– The timetable is given approximate


Social Tours

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