SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council


11th Annual Full Day Symposium – Nanophotonics

IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council Chapter 11th Annual Full Day Symposium

“The Promise and Progress of Nanophotonics”

An International Year of Light event co-sponsored by IEEE SCV Photonics and EDS Chapters

May 19, 2015 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Texas Instruments Auditorium, Santa Clara CA map


Nanophotonics relates to nanostructures and materials which facilitate the generation, propagation, manipulation, and detection of light. This symposium will showcase the breadth of the exciting work being done in the Bay Area and beyond to reveal the promise of uniquely nanotechnology-enabled effects. It will also provide a forum for networking and exchange of information among local academics, engineers, early-stage venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who are moving nanophotonics into disruptive applications.

Silicon Photonics at Intel
– Dr. Andrew Alduino, Director, Silicon-Photonics Product Line Management, Intel Corporation
Silicon Photonics and the Datacenter

– Dr. Marco Fiorentino, Researcher, System Research Lab, HP Labs
Semiconductor Nanowire Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics
– Dr. Mark Brongersma, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Carbon Nanotube Infrared and Terahertz Photodetectors
– Dr. François Léonard, Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore
Visualizing Chemical Reactions and Light-Matter Interactions with Nanometer-scale Resolution
– Dr. Jen Dionne, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Mapping Optoelectronic Processes at the Native Length Scale in Organic & Inorganic Nano Composites
– Dr. Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Staff Scientist, Molecular Foundry Material Science Division LBNL
Quantum Noise in All-Optical Logic Circuits
– Dr. Charles Santori, Researcher, HP Labs
Nanoscale Optofluidics: On-Chip Infectious Disease and Cancer Diagnostics
– Dr. Ahmet Ali Yanik, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz
Implement Smell and Taste with Nano-sensors
– Dr. Zhiyong Li, Principal Scientist, Foundational Technology Lab at HP Labs
Poster Presentations: work by students from local colleges and universities

Lunch and coffee/tea breaks are included.

On-line registration by May 16: https://www.123signup.com/register?id=yrskj
   $20 Students with ID
   $30 Life Member/Between employment
   $40 Member
   $50 Non-member

>> Add $10 if you prefer pay-at-event attendance.
Please pre-register for pay-at-event attendance:

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