Seoul Section Chapters


Code Chapter Chair
AES10 Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Young Kil Kwag
AP03 Antennas and Propagation Society Choi Jae Hoon
BT02 Broadcast Technology Society Byeung Woo Jeon
C16 Computer Society Chang Sung Jeong
CAS04 Circuits and Systems Society Myung Hoon Sunwoo
CE08 Consumer Electronics Society Kang Sun Choi
CEDA44 Council on Electronic Design Automation Soon Hoi Ha
COM19 Communications Society Sung Hyun Choi
CIS11 JT Seoul/Daejeon/Taegu Byoung Tak Zhang
CS23 Control Systems Society Poo Gyeon Park
E25 Education Society Eui Sung Kang
ED15 Electron Devices Society Yong Taek Hong
GRS29 Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society Hoon Yol Lee
IT12 Information Theory Society Hong Yeop Song
ITS38 Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Kyong Su Yi
MAG33 Magnetics Society Jon Gil Hong
MTT17 Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Jae Sung Rieh
NANO42 Nano Technology Society Jo Won Lee
NPS05 Nuclear and Plasma Science Society Yong Choi
PEL35 Power Electronics Society Bo Hyung Cho
PHO36 CH10130, CH10753 Photonics Society Ju Han Lee
RA24 Robotics & Automation Society Frank Park
SMC28 System, Man and Cybernetics Society Seong Whan Lee
SP01 Signal Processing Society Myung Jin Bae
SSC37 Solid-State Circuits Society Yong Moon
VT06 Vehicular Technology Society Jun Heo