R300 (Region 3 - No Council)Class: Geographic SPOType: CouncilURL:
LM30003 (Atlanta Section Affinity Group, LM)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
YP30003 (Atlanta Section Affinity Group, YP)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
WE30003 (Atlanta Section Affinty Group, WIE)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
CH03009 (Atlanta Section Chapter, C16)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH03225 (Atlanta Section Chapter, COM19)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH03206 (Atlanta Section Chapter, EMB18)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH03013 (Atlanta Section Chapter, IA34)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH03012 (Atlanta Section Chapter, PE31)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH10156 (Atlanta Section Chapter, PEL35)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
CH03237 (Atlanta Section Chapter, TEM14)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
CH03005 (Atlanta Section Chapter,SP01)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH03006 (Atlanta Section Jt Chapter, AP03/MTT17)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint Chapter
CH10155 (Atlanta Section Jt Chapter,AES10/GRS29)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
CH03180 (Atlanta Section Jt. Chapter, CAS04/SSC37)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint Chapter
CH03239 (Atlanta Section Jt. Chapter, ED15/PHO36)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint Chapter
CH03011 (Atlanta Section Jt. Chapter, IM09/EMC27)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
STB32022 (Chattahoochee Technical College)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB60491 (Clark Atlanta Univ)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB10622 (Dekalb Tech)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB09722 (Devry University-Atlanta)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
HKN036 (Georgia Institute Of Technology, Beta Mu)Class: Organizational SPOType: Affinity
STB00651 (Georgia Institute of Technology)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student BranchURL:
STB07541 (Georgia State University)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB01851 (Kennesaw State University)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student BranchURL:
STB14531 (University of Georgia)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB03831 (Westwood College - Atlanta)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch