Date & Time Activity Drives:
Friday Afternoon Settle in at the Red Lion Hotel N/A
Friday 7pm Networking & Social Mixer at the Bellevue Brewery

Dinner will be provided

Location Address: 1820 130th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

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Networking & Camaraderie
Light snacks & coffee.
Complimentary breakfast is provided to those with hotel funding. Sign in and Nametags
8:00am Opening Remarks

by Kathleen Kramer (Region 6 Director)

Bio: Kathleen A. Kramer is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of San Diego, San Diego, CA. She worked to develop new engineering programs as a founding member of the faculty and eventually became the chair of electrical engineering, and then serving as Director of Engineering (2004-2013), providing academic leadership for all of the university’s engineering programs. She has also been a Member of Technical Staff at several companies, including ViaSat, Hewlett Packard, and Bell Communications Research. Author or co-author of over 100 publications, she maintains an active research agenda and has recent publications in the areas of multisensor data fusion, intelligent systems, and neural and fuzzy systems. Her teaching interests are in the areas of signals and systems, communication systems, and capstone design.  She received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering magna cum laude with a second major in physics from Loyola Marymount University, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

IEEE Training & Awareness
8:30am “Leveraging IEEE & Membership Training”

By Joe Decuir

Intro: There are two fundamental tasks for all professionals to have successful careers: keep learning, and keep networking.  This presentation is focused on what we need to keep learning, how to do so at work and by participating in our professional societies.  We can use those societies to learn.  We should also bring what we know and can share back to our fellow members of these societies. If the subject of our work is proprietary, we should at least share our techniques.  There are educational benefits in teaching what you know to others.


Bio: Joe Decuir is still having an interesting encore career.  He is retired from the industry, at Atari, Amiga, Everex, Microsoft and CSR (Qualcomm).  IEEE membership has played a role at several career transitions.  He teaches engineering at the University of Washington.  He is still pushing technology for humanity, as the editor for draft IEEE standard 2030.10, DC Microgrids.  He is also the bassist in a rock band.

IEEE Training & Awareness
9:15am “Managing your Manager — Open Q/A”

By Jay Dave and Vineet Kulkarni

Jay Dave is a seasoned product leader with hands-on experience in Product Management, Program Management and Engineering. He has been a part of world class product launches spanning Ecommerce (Amazon Pet Supplies), Vertically integrated consumer product (Kindle Magazines) as well as Enterprise software (Windows security). Jay presently manages the Search & Discovery Product Management team for the Home Innovation business within Amazon

Discussion Topics Relevant & Valuable to YPs
10:00am Break – Networking Networking & Camaraderie
10:15am “Negotiation Tactics for YPs”

By Sean Garrity

Topic Intro: The art of negotiation is fundamental to navigating our world on a daily basis. We constantly participate in negotiations, but pay little attention to strategies that could make or break a deal. As early career technical professionals, the content and methodology of our communications can be critical to the success of projects, finding new opportunities, getting a raise or the vacation time you’ve worked for.

This session will provide the core framework and basic principles that make a successful negotiation. At the end of the session you will have an understanding of the key pieces in a principled “win-win” negotiation strategy.

Bio: Sean Garrity is a marketer who dreamed of being an engineer. With that dream fulfilled – Sean is now working as a consulting engineer in power generation – he has a new dream, to save the world through the powers of communication and negotiation. Supporting the IEEE as the Canadian Young Professionals Chair he is currently working to build national programs for the development of early career technical leaders.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James Humes

Discussion Topics Relevant & Valuable to YPs
11:00am YP Industry Panel “Topic: IEEE for Young Professionals”

By: Tushar Sharma, Ryan Pang, Ramesh Nair

Moderator: Ravendar Bhojwani

Discussion Topics Relevant & Valuable to YPs
11:45am Lunch

Walk over to Azteca across the street

1:30pm “Contemporary Project Management Strategies for YPs” & “A brief exploration into the qualifications, attributes, and best practices of PM’s who manage infrastructure projects”

By Valerie Barber & Aaron Drake

Topic Intro: At the heart of every amazing product is a tenacious and skilled program manager. And, at the heart of every good program manager is a creator who doesn’t just apply program management theory, but defines it. We will discuss different types of Contemporary program/project management and the strategies that will help you be successful as both a team member and a program/project manager.

Bio: Valerie Barber: With a career managing software and hardware programs for major companies such as Microsoft, The Home Depot, Exxon Mutual, Texas Instruments and WE, Valerie brings a diverse and creative perspective to Program Management, by mashing up program management tools and techniques to deliver innovation to customers. Currently, Valerie is a Sr Manager of PMs at Microsoft, leading a team of dynamic program managers, who have launched many successful global product launches for Surface and XBOX devices, accessories and games.

Bio: Aaron Drake is a Project Management Professional with over 15 years in the electric and gas utility sector and twelve years in major projects.  He supervises a team of Project Managers at Puget Sound Energy who work on a variety of infrastructure related programs and projects.  

Discussion Topics Relevant & Valuable to YPs
2:15pm “The Value of Mentorship: Giving and Receiving”

By Evelyn Hirt

Topic Intro: Most everyone has heard of mentoring as a strategy for professional experience building, personal growth, and workplace adaptation. However, have you ever considered the dynamics of the mentorship relationship and its impact on the individuals involved?  This talk will explore the value of mentorship in developing and being functional leaders.

Bio: With a multi-disciplinary career in engineering spanning over 42 year, Ms Hirt’s professional experiences bridge the industrial, government, and academic communities.  Her career has focused on the expert deliver of technology based solutions to customer needs that include both the creation and execution of corporate strategies for existing and new markets.  She has advanced from the engineering ranks into risk-based project and team management. Her current assignments are in engineering and quality management, with a technical specialization systems and controls.  She is respected as a mentor of technical staff.

Discussion Topics Relevant & Valuable to YPs
3:00pm Breakout Sessions: “Reflection & Action”

Moderated by Young Professionals

What we learned… and how to leverage and grow with IEEE

IEEE Training & Awareness
3:45pm Ending Remarks

By: Abdur Rehman

4pm Adjourn N/A
Rattlesnake Ledge Hiking

Meet at Wilburton Park and Ride
720 114th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Details on the conference website.

Networking & Camaraderie