YP Executive Committee

Chair – Gaurav Rajasekar

Gaurav is a Hardware Program Manager with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Server Infrastructure division leading the development of hardware including, but not limited to, new blade server architectures, rack designs and power distribution units. Previously, he served as the Electrical Engineer in charge of storage for the XBox HW Design team, helping forge the XBox One and other consumer hardware. Away from work, he takes a keen interest in sports cars and racing them on a track, playing the piano, writing poetry, travel photography, and is a regular at high intensity cardio and strength training at the gym. With a Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a Business Certificate in the Management of Technology from Georgia Tech (Atlanta), Gaurav is a Yellow-Jacket through and through. Go Jackets!

Vice Chair – Matthew Bihis

UW graduate currently working as an Electrical Designer at Emerald City Engineers, Inc.

Treasurer – Keiana Hadjireza

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington, Keiana’s work focuses on transponders for drones, small air crafts and unmanned air crafts. 

Secretary – Sharyar Khalid

Sharyar is a graduate from the University of Washington – Seattle with a bachelor in Electrical Engineering. His love for learning about hardware and software development, especially low-level software, sees him involved deeply in embedded systems. He also enjoys working on seamless integration of hardware and software to develop the latest technology. You’ll always find Sharyar staying up to date on new cutting-edge technology and how it can be used to better the advancement of humankind. In his free time, he hikes and explores the beautiful Pacific Northwest, especially in the summer when the weather is so beautiful!

Director of Communications – Troy Coleman

You can thank Troy for keeping our power up and running with his work as an electrical engineer at Puget Sound Energy. His focus lies in predictive maintenance for our power plants. Prior to working at PSE, Troy worked at Pacific Northwest National Lab as a systems engineer. He achieved his Bachelors from Washington State University in 2015, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Power Systems from University of Idaho. When he is not busy studying, his hobbies include volunteering for IEEE YP, watching movies, golfing with his wife, playing with their two dogs, and running.

Director of Membership – Jesslyn Budiman

Jesslyn is a recent Electrical Engineer graduate from University of Washington Bothell and have been an IEEE member for three years. She would like to expand her leadership and technical skills by joining the YP Commitee. During her time at UWB, she was the vice president of IEEE student branch. She helped organized different engineering related events on campus and encouraged engineers from different fields to learn and work together. As a Young Professional, Jesslyn would like to better connect Seattle EXCOM & YP with student chapters creating a more inclusive environment and hopefully increase membership as students transition into Young Professionals.

General Officer – Joey Thai

Joey is a University of Washington alumnus with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. His interest lies in pursuing work in the consulting industry. 

University Liaison – Utku Eren

Utku Eren received his B.S. degrees in Astronautical Engineering and Electronics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, in 2011 and 2012. He received his M.S. degrees in Defense Technologies Program from Istanbul Technical University and Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013 and 2015 respectively. He currently is pursuing his Ph.D. in William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics at University of Washington. He is a Student Member of IEEE since 2012.