IEEE Communities in Seattle

R600 (Region 6 - No Council)Type: CouncilURL:
R6 (Western USA - Region 6)Type: RegionURL:
CH06097 (Seattle Section Jt. Chapter, AP03/ED15/MTT17)Type: Joint Chapter
YP60049 (Seattle Section Affinity Group,YP)Type: AffinityURL:
CH06101 (Seattle Section Chapter, EMB18)Type: ChapterURL:
CH06103 (Seattle Section Chapter, OE22)Type: Chapter
CH06099 (Seattle Section Chapter, AES10)Type: ChapterURL:
CH06105 (Seattle Section Chapter, PE31)Type: ChapterURL:
CH06118 (Seattle Section Chapter, C16)Type: ChapterURL:
CH06223 (Seattle Section Chapter,E25)Type: Chapter
CH06129 (Seattle Section Chapter, CAS04)Type: Chapter
CH06157 (Seattle Section Chapter, PEL35)Type: ChapterURL:
CH06102 (Seattle Sect Jt. Chap, COM19/VT06/BT02/IT12/ITS38)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
CH06104 (Seattle Section Chapter, EMC27)Type: ChapterURL:
CH06106 (Seattle Section Chapter, IA34)Type: Chapter
WE60049 (Seattle Section Affinity Group, WIE)Type: Affinity
STB11291 (North Seattle College)Type: Student Branch
STB02241 (University of Washington-Seattle)Type: Student Branch
SBC0224A (University of Washington-Seattle,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC02241 (University of Washington-Seattle,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB98091 (Western Washington Univ)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB94061 (Seattle Pacific Univ)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB01781 (Seattle Univ)Type: Student Branch
STB13781 (University of Washington Tacoma)Type: Student Branch
STB14651 (DigiPen Institute of Technology)Type: Student Branch
HKN188 (University of Washington, Iota Upsilon)Type: Affinity
STB09921 (University of Washington Bothell)Type: Student Branch
CH06300 (Seattle Section Chapter, SP01)Type: Chapter
STB19051 (Washington State University Everett)Type: Student BranchURL:
CN60049 (Seattle Section Affinity Group,CN)Type: Affinity
CH06316 (Seattle Section Chapter,SSC37)Type: Chapter
CH06319 (Seattle Section Chapter,TEM14)Type: Chapter
SIGHT195 (Seattle Section SIGHT (Seattle SIGHT for Good))Type: Affinity
HKN242 (Western Washington University, Mu Zeta)Type: AffinityURL:
HKN246 (Seattle University, Mu Iota)Type: Affinity
HKN268 (University of Washington Tacoma,Nu Delta)Type: Affinity
CH06336 (Seattle Section Chapter,UFFC20)Type: Chapter
SBA02241 (University of Washington-Seattle, WIE)Type: Affinity
SBC98091A (Western Washington Univ, OE22)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC98091 (Western Washington Univ,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter