Followup: September Bowling+ Networking

The September Bowling + Networking event (below) was great!

IEEE Seattle YP September Event: Networking + Bowling Event

Dr. Louie gave a great talk about the importance of developing your career early on, as that is when you have the most time/energy and it gives your professional relationships time to grow. In addition, he shared his opinion on how a great deal of talent is spent making minor technological improvements, when there are such larger issues that could be focused on.

After the talk, we quickly made our way to the Garage where we met another attendee who had arranged to meet there instead of the talk. I wasn’t sure if we should expect more people to arrive, so I decided to keep two lanes and the pool table. Shortly after arriving at the lane, we had one more attendee show up.

We had 5 people in attendance, including myself, had a great time, and got some good photos. About 1 hour 22 minutes of lane time and 2 hours of pool table time was used for this event.