IEEE Software Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services 2013 – SDN4FNS 2013

A change of paradigm for business or just stuff for techies?

Dates: 11-13 November 2013
Location: EIT ICT Labs, Trento, Italy


SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) are creating the conditions to reinvent network architectures. This is happening first at the edge of the network where “intelligence” has already started migrating, and it is where innovation is more urgently needed to overcome the “ossification” by improving networks and services infrastructure flexibility.

It is likely that SDN will impact future networks evolution. SDN principles adoption will allow cost-savings and improvements in the QoS, and even create new business opportunities. It will be a matter of following the thinking that technology and business developments will be more and more strictly intertwined. A certain technology will be adopted not only if it is advantageous and trusted but also if it will be able to enable desired business ecosystems; on the other hand, newly designed potential ecosystems will look for enabling solutions and technologies capable to bring them into reality.