Chapters, Subsections, Affinity Groups & Committees



Antennas & Propagation

Interested in antennas, including analysis, design, development, measurement, & testing.


Circuits & Systems

Focuses on the theory, analysis, design, practical implementation of circuits in industry and academia.


The IEEE Communications Society promotes the advancement of science, technology and applications in communications and related disciplines.

Computational Intelligence

Interested in the theory, design, application, and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms.


The Computer Society is dedicated to advancing the theory and application of computing and information technology.

Consultants’ Network

The Silicon Valley chapter of the IEEE Consultants’ Network promotes the skills of its consultants, fosters collaboration among its members, creates alliances with other IEEE chapters, and provides educational opportunities in Silicon Valley.

Consumer Technology

The convergence of audio, video, imaging, computing, storage, communications and networking technologies is the focus of the CT chapter

Control Systems

The IEEE Control Systems Society is an international scientific, engineering, and professional organization that was founded in 1954. It is dedicated to the advancement of research, development, and practice in automation and control systems.


Electromagnetic Compatibility

Unintentional radiation of any antenna-shaped devices, wireless networks, noise coupling – crosstalk and/or power delivery noise – ESD and signal integrity @ integrated circuit, board and system level such as spacecraft, regulatory requirements for global agency approvals and power

Electron Devices

We have regular monthly meetings, where we invite speakers from local companies and universities, as well as distinguished international IEEE EDS speakers. Once a year we organize a symposium  with in-depth coverage of a special topic of interest to our Electron Devices Society Chapter members.

Engineering In Medicine & Biology

The application of engineering concepts/methods to biology, medicine and health sciences.

Electronics Packaging (EPS)

Learn about advances in device packaging design, methods, materials, processes and reliability


Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)

GHTC is an international flagship conference sharing practical technology enabled solutions addressing the needs of underserved populations and resource constrained environments around the world and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).


Information Theory

The objective of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the IEEE Information Theory Society is to sponsor local seminars and publicize conferences, workshops and other information of interest to the Society’s local members and technical people in the area of information theory.

Instrumentation & Measurement

The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society is dedicated to the development and use of electrical and electronic instruments and equipment to measure, monitor and/or record physical phenomena.


Life Members

The IEEE Santa Clara Valley Life Members Affinity Group is established to represent and fulfill the needs of the local IEEE Life members. The SCV LMAG encourages Life members at all levels of IEEE to share experiences and find ways to continue their IEEE activities and involvements.


Marketing Communications Committee (MarCom)
Member Development Committee

Membership Committee with Member Development and Sr. Member Elevation


The objective of the chapter is to sponsor local seminars and publicize conferences, workshops and other information of interest to the Society’s local members and technical people in the area of applied magnetics.

MEMS & Sensors Chapter

The chapter provides a forum for networking, learning and exchanging ideas in a welcoming professional environment.  It represents a Joint Sections Chapter of the IEEE Sensors Council (SEN-39) in the Santa Clara Valley , San Francisco, and Oakland-East Bay Sections.

Milestones Committee (Milestones)
Microwave Theory & Techniques Monterey Bay Subsection (MBSS)



Provides a forum for leading researchers and companies to discuss their work, along with networking opportunities for local scientists and engineers


Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE)

PACE activities include: Workshops on career issues, skill training and government policy as it affects Engineering and Technology.


The Chapter is interested in lasers, optical devices, optical fibers, and associated lightwave technology and their R&D, manufacture, and applications in systems and subsystems

Power Electronics

The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE SFBAC-PELS) is interested in the development of power electronics technology.

Power & Energy & Industry Applications

Provide a forum for educating the SV electrical community on new and established technologies as well as related issues pertinent to electrical design, specification, installation, operation and maintenance.

Product Safety Engineering

The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES) targets design professionals and design engineers interested in electrical product safety.



We are  a volunteer group of professionals engaged in assuring reliability in the engineering disciplines of hardware, software, and human factors. Our primary focus is in hardware reliability.

Robotics & Automation

This is a group for anyone interested in the latest development of robotics and automation technology research and development.


Signal Processing

The Chapter provides a platform and forum for individuals, industries and academia to share their ideas and knowledge in the science of Signal Processing.

Silicon Valley Technology History Committee (TechHist)

The Committee holds regular technical meetings on a broad range of historical technologies that were conceived, developed, or progressed in greater SV. Meetings are  being held as free webinars.

Society on Social Implications of Technology

The Chapter is developing a range of activities that explore the ethics and social implications of advancing technology, and address the challenges and opportunities the application of technology can have for our world.

Solid State Circuits Society

The emphasis in our presentations is on practical IC design, device modeling and CAE tools


The charter of the Chapter is to provide a forum on current topics of renewable energy and sustainability of technical interest to IEEE members to inspire them to create a sustainable world.


Technology & Engineering Management Society

We are the Management Club for Silicon Valley technologists and engineers, dedicated to serving the engineer community to advance their careers by improving their leadership skills and management effectiveness.

Teaching Opportunities for Partners in Science Committee (TOPS)

Is a volunteer organization dedicated to the enhancement of science, engineering, technology and mathematics education at the K through 12 levels.


Vehicular Technology

The society concerns itself with land, airborne and maritime mobile services.


Women In Engineering

Facilitates inspiration, engagement and advancement of women in technical discipline


Young Professionals

The affinity group caters the need of the YP of SV,   with events such as technical symposiums, professional development talks, workshops, start-up pitching events etc.