Industry Spotlight: The Digital Twin – An end to end view: Technologies, Operations, and Business Models

This was our 12th Industry Spotlight.

Presentation: The Digital Twin – An end to end view: Technologies, Operations, and Business Models

SPEAKER: Adam Drobot, Chairman, OpenTechWorks Inc.
HELD: Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 6:00-7:00 PM US Pacific Timezone

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ABSTRACT: Digital Twins can be used to capture the past, understand the present, and predict the future. There are many views of what Digital Twins are and these views depend on context. One way of thinking about Digital Twins is as an integral component of products, services, processes, or manufacturing methods, another is the role that they play in different use cases or applications associated with specific verticals. Yet another is their importance in systems life cycle engineering, and lastly as an extremely useful tool for systematically attacking the challenges inherent to higher level notions such as Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Precision Agriculture, or Personalized Medicine.

What I will cover in this talk are four topics: (1) The range of views of what Digital Twins are; (2) the technologies involved in developing and deploying Digital Twins; (3) the operation of digital twins in multiple settings, addressing issues ranging from business models to governance; and (4) illustrative examples of actual Digital Twin deployments.

This talk is part of our series of presentations by industry experts at the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section Corporate Liaison Program (CLP). If you have ideas for future speakers, please email the SCV CLP Chair.

SPEAKER: Dr. Adam Drobot is an experienced technologist and manager. His activities include strategic consulting, start-ups, and industry associations. He is the Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks, Inc and serves on the boards of multiple companies and no-profit organizations. In the past he was the Managing Director and CTO of 2M Companies, the President of Applied Technology Solutions and the CTO of Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore). Previous to that, he managed the Advanced Technology Group at Science Applications International (SAIC/Leidos) and was the Senior Vice President for Science and Technology at SAIC.
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