Getting Things Done Through Influence

— mind share, priorities, techniques, flexibility, collaboration, creating results …
— Wednesday, October 21, 2015; — 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
— Instructors: Barry Mohn, Janet Bailey
— held at Synopsys, Inc., 690 E. Middlefield Rd, Mountain View
— Pricing: $600 (IEEE/ASME Members: $450 — save $150)
— Information and to register:
Summary: Right-sizing and restructuring organizations have put a new emphasis on lateral communication and inter-departmental cooperation. Organizations are flatter and no longer command-and-control. People now have to influence others who have different priorities, goals, perspectives and work styles.
This workshop introduces you to strategies for influencing people who do not report to you, but whose mutual assistance and support are critical to accomplishing workplace goals –to the benefit of you, your colleagues and your organization.
Audience: Anyone whose success depends on being able to influence people, in other departments and divisions, over whom you have no formal authority.
Key Topics: — Power to Get Your Work Done — Barriers — Dealing with “Push Back” — Alignment — Strategies — Operating Styles — 4 Key Influence Techniques