Creating the future – Fireside Chat with Shahin Farshchi

Date: Tuesday May 4, 2021
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm PDT

Speaker: Shahin Farshchi, Lux Capital
Speaker Bio:
Shahin empowers visionary founders aiming to accelerate humanity and build a fantastic future through feats of engineering. He built brain-machine interfaces for his PhD in Electrical Engineering, hybrids at General Motors, founded a wireless vital sign monitoring company, and as a Partner at Lux, has funded chip (Nervana), rocket (Relativity), satellite (Planet), robotics (, and driverless car (Zoox) companies. Lux is a $2.4B VC that invests in tomorrow’s transformational companies across healthcare and technology.

Over the past decade, optical technologies have seen rapid adoption in a variety of applications ranging from data center optics to autonomous driving and sensing. Lux Capital and our speaker, Shahin Farshchi, helped create the present as we know it through strategic investments. Join us for a fireside chat to learn more about his perspectives on venture capital, technology investing and where the future might take us.

Host: The IEEE Photonics Society SCV Chapter
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