Better Human Feedback Loops

Webinar Abstract: As an individually contributing engineer shortening the feedback loop from your systems is key to developing a great mental model and strong intuition. How can we learn from engineering and foster a culture that emphasizes reducing the time to receive feedback about relationships and leadership practice as well? In this talk, you’ll learn a variety of feedback techniques, when to apply them, and some practical implementation tips.

Speaker Bios: Matt Diebolt works with software teams to help them understand their people as well as the code they write. He believes that for most companies, people are more challenging to get right. Having survived this well-known transition from software engineering to people leadership, he strives to improve the path for future leaders. In his spare time, Matt works as the VP of Engineering for Poll Everywhere and builds software to support people-leaders (

When: 7:00PM, Thursday, September 3, 2020
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