About the SF Bay Area TEMS Chapter*


Santa Clara Valley is the largest IEEE Section in the world in terms of membership as well as active chapters. The IEEE TEMS SCV Chapter is the Management Club for Silicon Valley technologists and engineers.

We serve the high tech knowledge workers who wish to improve their leadership skills and management effectiveness, and to advance their careers.

Our activities include a mix of research, industry, and workshops with management topics that appeal to engineers and managers who are open, curious, and committed to learning. They include training for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our regular meetings aim to stimulate discussion and interaction among engineers at all levels of seniority, and inspire them to stay connected with a sense of community. We welcome visitors; you do not need to be an IEEE member to attend.

The Chapter is entirely driven by volunteers who benefit by developing their professional network, experience and satisfaction.

* Santa Clara Valley / San Francisco / Oakland East Bay Joint Chapter.

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