Job Descriptions


Chapter Officer and Volunteer Duties

Note: Chapter Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected Officer positions. Remaining positions are volunteer positions.
Note: To hold an Officer position one must be an IEEE member and a member of the Technology and Engineering Management Society.

All Board Members and Board Associates Need to:

  • Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in all meetings of the Chapter.
  • Be informed of the IEEE and its business, including its mission, services, policies, and programs
  • Exercise business judgment to act in what is reasonably believed to be in the best interest of the IEEE, its members, and the general public and not on behalf of any individual, entity or interest group


TEMS Santa Clara Valley Chapter Board and Volunteer Responsibilities

  • One Board meeting per month (all roles) – last Thursday of month breakfast meeting
  • One SCV Section Meeting per month (Chapter Chair, Vice Chair, or Treasurer)
  • One TEMS local chapter meeting per month – first Thursday evening of the month


TEMS Santa Clara Valley Chapter Board and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Opportunity for speaking (and speaker interaction) for TEMS in Bay Area events
  • Opportunity for interaction with the TEMS international Board and events

.         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .

Chapter Chair

  • Conduct board and chapter meetings; review and approve all annual reports
  • Develop and present plans for meeting members’ needs
  • Insure all Chapter Officers, Committee Chairs, and Volunteers are properly trained for their jobs
  • Attend SCV Section Executive Committee meetings or delegate another Chapter Officer to attend instead
  • Represent the Chapter at IEEE gatherings
  • Assist the Program Planning Committee
  • Select Nominating Committee for the next year’s officer election
  • Fill positions vacated by moves, outside obligations, etc.
  • Identify appropriate volunteers and present them to the board for review
  • Update Officer names and dates in vTools after annual election (vTools access is required)
  • Prepare an annual report of Chapter Activities for submission to the Section Secretary, Region and/or Society Chapter Coordinators
  • Sign off on financial reports, where appropriate, to confirm all reporting is accurate and submitted in a timely manner
  • Review and revise the description of duties of the group’s officers. (To be done within first month of term as needed)

Vice Chair

  • Assist the Chair in managing the operations of the Chapter
  • Preside in Chair’s absence; ensure the Chair’s tasks are handled if the Chair is unable to complete their duties
  • Assist the Chair to develop the agenda for board meetings
  • Participate in program planning
  • Assist education chair with long-range plans and goals
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and a sense of purpose for volunteers
  • Work with the board and volunteers in selecting the topics that will be discussed at Chapter meetings
  • Manage some major area of Chapter activities such as budget, publicity, program, membership, arrangements, or student activities. (Dual appointment as Program Chair is suggested)


  • Take meeting minutes at ExCom meetings and post minutes on the TEMS SCV shared drive (currently: Yahoo Groups)
  • Create Event record in vTools for upcoming Chapter meetings as early as possible to get event in IEEE Event Finder (vTools access is required)
  • File L31 event reports in vTools right after each Chapter event, in conjunction with Chapter Chair (vTools access is required)
  • Ensure proper notifications are distributed to members and the public
  • Assist Membership Chair in collection and distribution of meeting attendance
  • Participate in program planning
  • Assist the Chair to develop the agenda for board meetings
  • Manage Chapter correspondence; maintain Chapter records and correspondence to keep the chapter engaged, relevant and sustainable in the long term


  • Prepare monthly financial report for Board of Directors
  • Develop a budget for approval by the board
  • Make disbursements in accordance with approved budget
  • Be a signer on all Chapter financial bank accounts
  • Confirm that Chapter received budgeted funds from Section Treasurer and submit request for additional funds as necessary
  • Collect payment for dinners, pay, or reimburse guest speaker’s dinner fee, and pay all approved invoices
  • Participate in program planning
  • Assist the Chair to develop the agenda for board meetings
  • Prepare the annual group financial report for Chair’s review and submit to Section Treasurer and Society area chair

.         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .

Program Chair

  • Coordinate TEMS Chapter programs
  • Maintain/circulate the spreadsheet showing the internal calendar of upcoming meeting opportunities and targeted speakers
  • Provide program information to Chapter Publicity and/or Section e-Newsletter Editor. Notify the Arrangements Chair of any equipment needed by speakers (i.e. projector, flip chart, etc.)
  • Provide for guest speaker on meeting night, introduce to the group, etc. (Make sure Treasurer has reimbursed guest’s dinner ticket)
  • Act as speaker’s host for the evening

Arrangements Chair

  • Make the logistical arrangements for each meeting
  • Coordinate with the restaurant or meal service as to the number of people attending, meal order and delivery arrangements, etc., plus work with Treasurer to budget to break even for each meal function
  • Coordinate with Program Chair and Publicity Chair to insure that arrangements and details have been announced in each meeting notice
  • Coordinate with Program Chair to provide equipment (projector, computer, easel board, etc.) that guest speaker may require

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Engage with attendees to develop them as volunteers
  • Maintain volunteer connections, including contact information
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and a sense of purpose for volunteers
  • Coordinate with volunteers on activities
  • Report to the TEMS Chapter Board on volunteer activities

Publicity Chair

  • Provide Chapter Meeting information to Section Newsletter Editor
  • Publish and mail Chapter Newsletter (if your Chapter has one)
  • Ensure that local universities receive meeting notice for student bulletin boards
  • Provide publicity information to the Technology Engineering Management Society staff on noteworthy TEMS SCV Chapter activities

Membership Chair

  • At each technical meeting, ensure attendance information is collected, including: name and number of IEEE members and guests (i.e., not IEEE members)
  • Coordinate with Chapter Secretary to ensure that he/she has attendance list for the L31 Reports
  • Coordinate with the mailing list maintainers, including: Listserv, Eventbrite, and Yahoo Groups, to have new attendees added to Chapter’s distribution mailing lists
  • Review the list of guests for each meeting and contact appropriate guests for potential membership in the Technology Engineering and Management Society and IEEE


  • Guide Chapter’s web presence
  • Develop, create, and maintain Chapter web site(s) – or may also arrange for these services through other means
  • Arrange for internet domain name(s) and website hosting as needed for the Chapter
  • Provide input to the Board regarding use, creation, and selection of e-commerce services (e.g., for use as part of attendee meeting registration and fee collection process)

Nominating / Election Officer

NOTE: the Nominating/Election Officer must be someone who is not standing for an elected Officer position for the year of the election they will be managing.

  • Coordinate all election activities with Chapter Chair
  • Manage election activities to meet calendar requirements (i.e., election must be done by SCV Section deadline of Nov. 30)
  • Identify candidates to run to hold each of the four elected Officer roles the next year
  • Set up election ballot in “vTools Elections” (vTools access is required)
  • Monitor election in vTools
  • Communicate with Chapter members:
    • Send out plan for the Election, including dates for nominations, balloting, and announcement of results
    • Send request for nominations, with appropriate information about Officer requirements
    • Make announcements at Chapter meeting requesting nominations
    • Send notice when balloting begins
    • Make announcements at Chapter meeting when balloting begins, including information about write-ins
    • Send reminders to Chapter members to vote
  • When election is concluded inform current Chapter Officers of election results


Note: additional staff for a very active Chapter could be: nominating committee, education, student activities, awards, professional activities, and any other functions deemed necessary.