Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Management: Leading Your Team to Cope and Thrive


It is with some sadness that we inform you that, regretfully and due to low interest, this event is cancelled. We had insufficient signups to justify the time and effort of the speakers for such a small group. Our plan is to hold another Symposium next year with the lessons we learned from setting up this year’s event.

We had thought that since this was the theme of our TEMS National Conference that it would be a popular one for us here in Silicon Valley, where so much disruption is taking place. We invite everyone who is interested in this topic to attend TEMSCON 2018 in Chicago, on June 27th (

We want to thank our speakers, our volunteers, and all those who signed up that were planning to take a day OFF work to attend. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. A full refund will be issued shortly for all those who paid for their tickets.

This symposium focuses on industry lessons “from the trenches” and practical actionable advice.You learn the latest trends and technology that prepare you to manage disruptions, and network with peers who can share insights and solutions that will also help you cope with disruptions.

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE TEMS has a special interest in supporting the needs of industry. The audience for these programs are both new & experienced technology and engineering managers (or project managers), technologists moving to become managers, and persons wanting to learn more about how technical management works.

Symposium Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018.REGISTER TODAY
Time: 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM
Location: Texas Instruments Conference Center, Santa Clara, CA (map & directions)
Cost: $75 IEEE Members, $100 non-IEEE Members (through June 3rd), $50 students, $120 Standard Rate ($75 IEEE rate also available to current members of the Silicon Valley Engineering Council , TiE, and ACM).

PROGRAM (download PDF)

8:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00 Keynote: “Building a Civilized Workplace

Prof. Robert Sutton, GSB, Stanford Univ.

9:45 Addressing Disruption with Your Team

Chair: Rafael Betancourt, IEEE TEMS SCV Chapter Vice-chair

1.1 “Updating the Model”

Rafael Betancourt, Synaptics, Inc.

1.2 “A Bridge Too Far? Managing Technology Overreach”

– Orin Laney, Atwood Research

1.3 “Recognizing and Addressing Software Disruption Trends on IT”

– Paul Trompeter, Cognizant Technology Solutions

10:45 Break

11:00 Cloud-based Project Management Tools for the Enterprise
Chair: Carl Angotti, IEEE TEMS SCV Chapter Chair

2.1 “Wrike: speed and efficiency for co‐located and distributed groups”

– Roberto Wantland, Sr. Strategic Customer Success Manager

2.2 “Zoho Projects: Making Business Projects More Productive & On Time” – Raj Sabhlok, President, Zoho Corp.

11:45 Lunch: Sandwiches and drinks, with conversations

13:00 Team Disruption in an Unequal World: Diversity, Discrimination, and Harassment

Chair: Perry West, IEEE TEMS SCV Chapter Secretary

3.1 “It’s Not About Gender: Hierarchies are Dysfunctional by Design

– Kimberly Wiefling, Wiefling Consulting

3.2 “Customer and Market Insight as Fuel for Innovation and Disruption”

– Ellen Grace Henson, Marketing Mechanics

3.3 “A New Model of Human Values for Motivating Innovation”

– Oliver Yu, Ph.D., CEO, STARS Group

14:45 Break

15:00 Training Your People: Skills Mastery for Engineers, Managers

3.1 “Just‐in‐Time 1‐Day Training in Needed Skills”

– Sue Smith, Effective Training Associates

3.2 “Lifelong Technical Learning: Advanced Degrees”

Dr. Alexandar Zecevic, Assoc. Dean, Santa Clara U.

3.3 “Technical Training, Certificates for Working Engineers, Managers”

– Benjamin Ting, Program Chair, UC‐Santa Cruz Extension

16:15 Adjourn

Breakout Sessions:

1:00PM Project Management Tool Demonstrations

Demos and Q&A: Wrike, FB Workplace, Zoho

2:30PM Experiencing the Impact of Hierarchy – 4 People, 3 Levels, 10 Minutes

– Kimberly Wiefling, Wiefling Consulting


Join us to learn from speakers from Silicon Valley’s finest technology companies. Our program will focus on the challenges of developing your startup, managing the forefront of technology, useful tools, and more.

IEEE SCV Technical Co-sponsors: Computer Society, Vehicular Technology Society, Electronics Packaging Society, Communications Society, Circuits & Systems Society Chapters, and Women-in-Engineering (WiE). Other Technical Co-sponsors: Silicon Valley Engineering Council (AIChE, ASCE, ASM International, ASME, AUVSI, EAA, INCOSE, ITU, NATEA, SAE, SCVSEFA, SAMPE, SME, STC, SWE) and ACM. Corporate Sponsor: Texas Instruments