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  1. Usman Saeed Says:

    Dear Officer(s),

    You have been very fortunate to host some of the best speakers/experts ever like Tom Lee etc who gave talks on various topics of interest as listed on your ‘Previous Events’ section of website.

    I was wondering if there is any way to get their talks (videos or slides) either online or through mail?

    Many Thanks!

  2. Perry Chow Says:

    Hi Usman,

    We have links to download the presentations when they are available from the speaker. Check the “Previous Events” section for the presentation that you’re interested in. Sometimes the speaker can not make the presentation available, or has to modify the presentation before it can be made publicly available so it may take awhile before the presentation is available. I’ll check to make sure that we have all of the available presentations on the web. Thanks for your interest.

    Perry Chow

  3. svilen mintchev Says:


    Can you direct me to the slides of yesterday’s talk by Dr. Loke “2D to 3D MOS technology evolution…”

  4. John Wincn Says:

    At the Sept 12th meeting there was a comment to the effect that a copy of Alvin Loke’s presentation would be posted on the web site. So far, I don’t find a copy at either SSC-SCV or CAS-SCV. Will it be posted soon?

  5. Radha Says:

    I was at the great talk titled “2D to 3D MOS Technology Evolution for Circuit Designers” given by Alvin Loke, where the moderator said the slides were up on the website. I do not find them on the website. I was wondering if it would be up there soon.

    There were a lot of very good information in the talk on the evolution of the CMOS technology. First, I laud the organizers for the event, and secondly, the speaker for starting with the textbook CMOS theory and working his way thru the latest generation devices that pretty much seem to have broken every rule in the textbook.

  6. Michael Weber Says:

    Hi, I wonder when the presentation
    Interconnects with Silicon-Photonics,
    By: Vladimir Stojanovic
    Nov 15,2012
    will be published? During the meeting, Dr. Stajanovic indicated he would make it available.
    Michael Weber

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